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How to stay warm in Berkeley

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NOVEMBER 14, 2016

With the winter months not too far ahead, and the weather (maybe) cooling down, it’s definitely time to start thinking about ways to stay warm and comfy in Berkeley. If you’re totally at a loss for how to keep your SoCal self cozy, have no fear, for the Clog’s here to share some tips and tricks for anyone looking to be warm and happy in the upcoming fall and winter months.

1. Hot chocolate at Caffe Strada

If you’ve got to get some work done, but also want to give yourself some sense of relaxation, then hop on over to Caffe Strada and order one of its delicious hot chocolates. The warmth will defrost your freezing fingers, allowing you to type the last 10 pages of your paper, and the sugar will give you the strength you need to power through the last round of edits. Plus, the heating lamps at the tables outside give you a breath of fresh air, as well as some warmth.

2. Hot chocolate at The Den

If you’re broke, then go over to The Den and order some hot chocolate there with your extra meal points. But since there’s very limited seating at The Den, you may want to just enjoy your beverage back at your dorm or apartment. Either way, your hands will stay warm on the walk and you’ll be comforted knowing you didn’t spend any actual money.

3. Chili at The Den

If hot chocolate just isn’t your thing, and you’re broke, you might want to order chili at The Den with your meal points. While it may not taste spectacular, at least it’s sufficient to warm your tummy. It’ll fill you up and give you that nice, cozy feeling as you go about your day.

4. Netflix and tea

Snuggle under your covers with Netflix and a warm cup of freshly brewed tea. As you hop into your bed, you might think to yourself, “This is the life.” And, it is. Forget about those pesky papers and math exams. Just take a deep breath, let your worries fly away and watch some high-quality television on your laptop.

5. Work up a sweat

Try introducing yourself to the RSF as a way to warm yourself up. Believe it or not, exercise is actually very beneficial to your health. Not only will it keep you warm, it’ll also help relieve stress and keep you in shape. We know it involves actually moving your body, but trust us, it really is good for you.

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NOVEMBER 13, 2016