Best items to buy at Bear Market

Simone Anne Lang/File

As we near the end of the semester, quite a few of us are realizing that we have way too many meal points left, probably because of all those times we opted for Artichoke Basille’s pizza or boba rather than going to the dining halls. Since it would be such a shame to waste all those meal points, the Clog’s here today to let you in on the best goodies to buy at Bear Market with your meal points. Throw a party and watch a movie eating these goodies with your friends. After all those midterms, you definitely deserve a treat.

1. Mochi ice cream

These are basically soft, pillowy bites of ice cream heaven. Mochi ice cream comes in a variety of flavors, from chocolate and vanilla to green tea and mango. Even though you’re a broke college student, you can still enjoy delicate, Japanese desserts.

2. Ben and Jerry’s

What kind of party would it be without inviting your two best friends Ben and Jerry? With flavors ranging from Phish Food to American Dream, the selection will be sure to send you into a happy, dreamy, ice-cream induced sleep.

3. Kettle chips

The packaging says they’re organic, so they’re probably good for you, right? Added bonus: They taste pretty good, too. These chips are great for annoying your friends because of their infamous crunching sound.

4. Pepperidge Farm cookies

These are the perfect sweet complement to any salty snack, like Kettle chips. Do you like chewy, soft treats? Buy the Montauk Soft-Baked Chocolate Chip cookies. Are you a chocoholic? Buy the special holiday edition Double Chocolate Chunk Brownie cookies. Are you a sucker for the classic butter cookie? Then buy Chessman cookies. The selection is amazingly abundant; you’ll be sure to find something to suit your tastes.

5. Soda

You can’t have a good party when people are thirsty, so make sure to grab some of those delicious looking sodas. With varieties ranging from Pepsi to Fanta, your biggest dilemma will be deciding which kind to buy. Hint: you can never go wrong with Izze.

6. Mini Frozen pizzas

It costs only two meal points to buy a pack of three mini pizza bites, making these one of the best deals at Bear Market. Not only that, they make for a good hearty snack for those who don’t want to munch on potato chips. Be aware that you’ll need a microwave to heat up these little treats.

7. Coconut Dream 

If you’re lactose-intolerant, consider buying the coconut-based nondairy desserts Bear Market has to offer. Even if you don’t eat dairy, you shouldn’t have to miss out on enjoying frozen treats — especially after all that midterm trauma.

8. Sushi

Granted, the quality won’t be up to par with the type you get at actual sushi restaurants, but for meal points, it’s pretty good. Each roll may cost 8.5 to 9.5 meal points, so only treat yourself to this upscale meal if you really don’t know what to do with your meal points.

9. Candy

No movie-watching party is complete without some sour worms and gummy bears. What’s great about getting candy at Bear Market is that you don’t have to spend actual money. Tearing the legs off of a gummy octopus is strangely satisfying and makes for a great method to take out all that pent-up stress and frustration.

10. Chocolate

From Crunch bars to KitKats to Twix bars, Bear Market has them all. So go ahead, grab that chocolate, or even a basket-full. We all need some intense chocolate therapy after writing that 15-page paper.

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