Peace, love and Clog

We know what you’re all thinking: Whenever you ever so kindly click on the Clog, a small part of you is slightly disappointed by the lack of actual clogs on our page. Don’t worry devoted readers, your prayers have been answered, and we at the Clog have composed a clog themed extravaganza that details some of Berkeley’s favorite clogs.

The classic clog

Rachel Feder/Staff

Rachel Feder/Staff

These iconic fashion essentials take any outfit and walk to class from mundane to magical. These backless winners can be slipped on instantaneously, and thus are the socially acceptable equivalent of fancy slippers.

The sporty clog


Nichole Bloom/Staff

Ah, the return of the Croc. Our favorite rubberized shoe has been spotted more and more since we at the Clog, through our coverage, gave this shoe college fashion’s equivalent of a coming out debutante ball. Crocs can provide not only the spunk of clogs, but also the athleticism of running shoes, allowing us to power-walk during our passing period with funk and flight.

The Wizard of Oz clog


Nicole Katwan/Courtesy

These cloggified versions of Dorothy’s ruby red slippers are a pleasant reminder that we’re on the Yellow Brick Road toward a bright future. They also provide the versatility of teleporting us out of our 8 a.m. and back into our homey beds with a simple three heel taps.  

The Mark Twain bench in Doe Library clog

mark-twainThe essence of our favorite footwear can also be expressed in the human (or statue) form. Mark Twain’s welcoming presence outside of Morrison Library expresses the same comfort as our clogs. His quirky smirk portrays the same sass as our beloved backless footwear. Whilst having pleasant conversation with Mark on the open spot on the bench, we can conveniently slip on our clogs and go about with our day with a new perspective and elevated confidence. 

The Oski clog

Sasha Ashall/Staff

Sasha Ashall/Staff

One of the largest injustices at this institution of higher learning is our mascot’s lack of clogs. Though Oski has an active and spirited lifestyle, his clogless existence oppresses his individuality and freedom of expression. However, Oski’s soul, actions and spirit are the purest manifestation of the Clog the world has ever known.

Us at the Clog


Alas, the cloggiest of them all is our very own college life blog, the Daily Clog. The Clog’s reliability when it comes to covering the latest squirrel scenarios and meme mishaps mirrors that of a clog’s sturdy wooden sole. Our spunk and creativity when it comes to bringing you ridiculous quizzes and horrible dating advice resembles the whimsical nature of a clog. At the nucleus of our being, we like to think we’re fashion forward, a little bit funky and totally trendy.

 So the next time you ever so graciously troll our blog, please keep in mind our roots and the core values of our creation — peace, love and Clog.

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