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Crystal Zhong/Staff

If you live in any of the residence halls, coops, Greek houses or really any communal living situation, the importance of a properly maintained snack drawer can never be too highly emphasized. The snack drawer is the backbone of easy, comfortable living, and with all the stress of student life, it saves you one worry: food.

Your snack drawer is most likely in your room, so these tips for snack drawer maintenance will center around non-perish- ables, finger foods and multitaskers.

First, it’s important to find a non-perishable tinned food with a tab-opened lid that can be eaten cold. Yes, this sounds like a lot of variables, but the payoff is fantastic. Our personal favorite in this category are Trader Joe’s tinned Dolmas.

With one can of 10 for $2.49, these Mediterranean treats are easily stored in a cool, dry place (like a drawer) and can provide tasty, accessible energy in just minutes. All you need is a fork!

Finger foods such as clementines, apples, bell peppers and avocados that require little to no preparation or equipment are perfect for bedside snacking. These foods tend to be pretty cheap to buy, but be careful not to let them rot otherwise you might find yourself in a cloud of fruit flies.

You should also find a couple solid multitaskers like a cracker you can eat with hummus, cheese and other toppings that also stands alone. Our favorite multitasker cracker is the Trader Joe’s Pita Bite Cracker, which also comes in a multigrain version for healthier snacking.

Sasha Ashall is the assistant blog editor. Contact Sasha Ashall at [email protected].

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