10 Big Game pick-up lines

Isabelle Doerschlag/Staff

With Big Game coming up this weekend, I’m sure you’re dying to know some sweet pick-up lines you can use on your peers at Game Day. Whether you’re trying to pick up a UC Berkeley student or a Stanford University student, we’ve got the lines you need to score a touchdown in the love department this weekend.

  1. Did you know Bears can climb trees?
  2. Wanna hiber-mate? (Cause we’re Bears, ya know…)
  3. If Axe attracts women in the commercials, will “the Axe” work on you?
  4. I like your Cal jersey, but I’m sure it would look better on the floor.
  5. Is that mistletoe growing on the Stanford Tree?
  6. You could grab ahold of my axe any day.
  7. What color does Cardinal, Blue and Gold make when they mix together? Who knows, but let’s find out.
  8. Regardless of who wins the game, I’ve got the “W” with you by my side.
  9. You put the “tail” in tailgate.
  10. The only thing hotter than that Cardinal red is your smile.

Have a great Big Game week, and don’t forget to let us at the Clog know if you “score” with any of these pick-up lines. If none of these work it’s probably your execution (like an axe).

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