Permit Service Center to open at new location on Center Street

Heather Feibleman/Staff

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A new location of the Permit Service Center, or PSC, will be soon be opening at 1947 Center St. at the location of the Berkeley Department of Planning & Development offices.

The PSC helps those seeking business and planning permits in Berkeley by offering services to issue permits for the Building and Safety, Zoning, Fire Prevention, and Public Works/Engineering agencies. Those intent on a new construction project in Berkeley can coordinate obtaining permits from several agencies in one centralized location, according to the PSC website.

The PSC will be unavailable during the week of Thanksgiving, a period which typically experiences light traffic, according to their press release. The center will close at 3 p.m. on Nov. 18 and will open again on the third floor in its new location Nov. 28 at noon.

Berkeley’s online permit center is available around the clock and allows people to sift through building permits, check zoning history and look into the status of active permit applications.

“The (new) permit service center is designed for better use of technology, designed to have more counters, designed to have more space, and designed to be more comfortable,” said city spokesperson Matthai Chakko. “We believe there will be shorter wait times.”

The new center will have monitors in order to allow people to view plans and revisions as well as improved signage and queuing in an attempt to speed up the process. Additionally, there will be 12 staffed stations, as opposed to the eight the center previously had.

The new PSC will share the space with three city departments — Public Works, Fire and Finance.

“Among the work we’re doing is to clarify the roles and work for other departments, how to improve that as well,” Chakko said.  “This gives us a better opportunity to collaborate.”

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