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Thanks, UC Berkeley

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NOVEMBER 17, 2016

Alas, the U.S.’s and Macy’s favorite holiday has finally arrived. That’s right, turkey- (or tofu-) loving friends, Thanksgiving is finally here! This slight break in our academic lives gives us all the opportunity to think about what’s really important. We can take a break from readings, quizzes, bCourses reading responses and midterms and remember there’s more to life than our scholarly obligations.

Giving thanks is the primary function of the Thanksgiving holiday, besides food coma induction, watching disappointing football games and preparing for Black Friday. Sometimes at UC Berkeley it can seem like we don’t have much to be thankful for. But fear not, stressed-out readers trapped in the Berkeley bubble, we at the Clog have kindly reminded you that, Chemistry 1A curve aside, there’s much to be grateful for at the world’s No. 1 public university.

You have an obscene amount of homework to do over break.

Clearly, one thing for us all to be eternally grateful for is the consistency of our homework load. In a world where it seems nothing is certain, at least we can always count on our professors to provide us with endless opportunities for learning. Without our plentiful scholastic obligations, we might be led astray and develop the urge to engage in amusing activities that have the risk of serving no purpose but the outlandish notion of improving our personal happiness.

We’re missing a Game Day for Thanksgiving.

We know you’re all so relieved to be losing yet another tedious game day this semester. Who would want to spend any more time frivolously turning up with all of their peers in the name of school spirit and fun? Even more so, what’s the purpose of getting aggressively hyped to engage in a match against such an unknown institution, like the small liberal arts college known as UCLA? In short, thank god we are missing this annoyingly enjoyable event for the second year in a row.

Finals are in less than a month.

One of our personal favorite gifts of this Thanksgiving is the swimmingly speedy turn around from Thanksgiving break to finals week. Why relax before exams when you can simply take them less than three weeks from now? It’s so tranquilizing to remember that just two short weeks after we return from our lengthy fall break, we’ll be faced with final exams that are only worth a mere 50 to 70 percent of our grades. We don’t know about you, overjoyed reader, but we at the Clog couldn’t be more appreciative of this chance to balance all of these vital assignments!

Winter break is less than a month.  

After our rejuvenating time off for Thanksgiving, it’s only human to look forward to our next chance to reset and refresh. Thus, we at the Clog could not be more elated to discover that our next break gives us only a mere three weeks away from our beloved academic stronghold. The thought of being unproductive, mentally stable and enjoying free time is very alarming to us Berkeley students, and so it’s only logical that we communally rejoice over this shortened period of unnecessary and unneeded time off.

It seems we have so much to give thanks for! But, on a more serious note, we do all attend an amazing academic institution. And though it can feel like we’re being beaten down 24/7, going to Berkeley is an amazing privilege we should all be grateful for. Education is an amazing tool and pushing through the blood, sweat and exams will aid us in being inspiringly successful adults that can mobilize the much-needed change in our world.

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NOVEMBER 17, 2016