Family first

Michael Drummond/File

With the holiday season and a desperately needed break from school right around the corner, it’s the first time in a long time that many of us will get to see our families. That’s right, we get to be aggressively hugged by our mothers and constantly harassed by our brothers, all while trying to dodge our dad’s questions about the future. While this may sound bothersome, we’ve never been more excited to be agitated in our entire life.

The old adage “distance makes the heart grow fonder” is proven by the fact that anticipation levels for reuniting with our loved ones are currently through the roof. It’s been far too long since we’ve been blessed with their company, and the suspense of reunion is palpable. The excitement that we’re currently feeling is only rivaled by our eagerness for Frank Ocean’s latest album. We’re counting down the minutes until we get to be showered with affection we don’t deserve and grossly spoiled with home-cooked meals. The countdown to easily accessible laundry machines is well underway.

If your younger sibling thinks that they can spend a single second away from your side when you’re within a five-foot radius of each other, they’re sadly mistaken. It’s been three months since you were last able to be together. Seeing as how you’ve been denied their existence for the lifespan of a dragonfly, no second of unity shall be wasted. You two will be joined at the hip at all times. If they think that they need privacy, they’d better guess again. Wherever they go, you go. You guys will be Lady and the Tramp-ing every bite of food. Better yet, just penguin feed it to them after you chew and digest it yourself. Too much? OK, sorry. Just remember that it’s important you both synchronize your breathing and heart rates to maximize connection. 

Our moms are going to be hit with so much unexpected appreciation when we see them, they won’t believe we’re their children. The genuine admiration will have them checking the calendar to see if it’s that day in May where everyone actually recognizes their hard work. Since being apart, every little thing she does has become the eighth wonder of the world. Her ability to make dinner that doesn’t come from a can is astonishing, the fact that she doesn’t burn said dinner is a talent that would floor Simon Cowell. Mostly, the idea that she could still love you after you’ve shown what a sorry excuse for an adult you are is truly inspiring.

As for our dads, we’re just going to ignore the fact that they’re wearing more Cal gear than could ever be socially acceptable. We’ll cringe at his desire to take a selfie in the middle of a public area and just forget the fact that it took him six tries to take said selfie. Today, we’ll only marvel at his undying support for the school we love and the way he loves us.

Since coming to college, the holidays have become a welcome break from essays and lectures, and we look forward to the state of vegetation that accompanies our time at home. Relaxation aside, the holidays are a sacred time that we get to spend with family that we love dearly. The gifts that we exchange are always a treat, but the best gift of all is getting to be with those that love us regardless of the grades we got on our finals.

Family: can’t live with them, can’t live without them. But mostly, we can’t live without them.

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