Pop Culture Gifts to Get

This holiday season, give (and get) the gifts you really want. These gift ideas are tailor made for pop culture fanatics. No more boring socks and itchy sweaters; this time around, you’re ready for some more sophisticated gifts. If you want to be the star of your gift exchange or just get yourself something nice, we’ve got you covered. The Daily Californian is here to help you find some great gifts for pop culture fiends:

The Rap Yearbook

Whether you’re a hip-hop aficionado or just looking to learn more about your favorite hits, “The Rap Yearbook” has all the answers you’ve been looking for and then some, along with colorful graphics and detailed descriptions. Packed full of knowledge from every era of rap, this book will give you the tools to win any hip hop debate, on or off the message boards.

Movie Line Magnets

Don’t be caught with a boring mini fridge this winter! These movie magnets have all the classics but with a fresh twist; Each line is chopped up so you can arrange them however you want! Mix and match your favorite quotes to make something that’s both hilarious and truly poetic. Any guest will be delighted both by your wit and by your intimate knowledge of classic cinema.

Swissted Concert Posters

For those who want to express their love for their favorite band AND show off their affinity for Swiss Modernism in graphic design, Swissted has what you need. These posters are minimal and stylish and, while pricey, will certainly make any tacky room feel more refined — if that’s what you want in a poster. High quality and made to impress, a Swissted poster could be the finishing touch to your residence hall room decor.

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

Tired of untangling those ratty earbuds? Looking to get the most out of your favorite songs? The M50x has what you need. It brings a high definition sound without the big price tag of its competitors such as Beats by Dre. The soft cushions of the ear cups feel plush, and the ergonomic design of the band ensures that long listening sessions are comfortable. Treat yourself or someone you love to better sounding music.

Nintendo 3DS

Yes, Nintendo’s new console, the Switch, is on the horizon. Yes, Xbox and PlayStation have attractive offers this holiday season. But when it comes to reliving the gaming glory days, the 3DS has you covered. Both new and used consoles are much cheaper than the 3DS successor (which is aptly titled “The New 3DS”), not to mention you can scour the used games section of Gamestop and get great games at a steal. And the 3DS is backwards compatible, so dust off those old copies of Pokemon Diamond and Pearl for a trip down memory lane.

Spotify Premium subscription (or any music streaming service)

Listening to unlimited music ad free is one of life’s many pleasures. We have greater access to music than ever before, and the ability to take advantage of this technology is luxurious. Apple Music is $10 a month and occasionally has exclusive early releases, while Spotify is $10 and has a more user-friendly interface. And both have student discounts and free trials. If you need a way to (legally) listen to The Life of Pablo and feel the need to try and save Jay-Z’s business ventures, then Tidal might be for you. In any case, if you are an avid music listener, “going premium” for a streaming service is well worth it.

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