What to do after Big Game Day

Adam Randy Romero/File

The smell of burned redwood trees is in the air. There’s no cardinal red to be found. That’s right fellow UC Berkeley Bears, Big Game is here.

The most anticipated sport-centered weekend of the year is here — and with all of the stress of midterms, the election and Thanksgiving break hanging over us, it seems as though our campus community is in dire need of a prolific turn up. Often times, we ticketless non-freshmen are at a dead end after Game Day parties start to die down. But fear not spirited friends, we at the Clog have some ideas to make your game day a 24-hour extravaganza.

Retrieve all of your red items and have a Christmas party.

The biggest fear we all share during Big Game week is the terror that some overly spirited soul with take our favorite ugly Christmas sweater from us because of its red hue. But once the Red Fear is over, we can all rejoice and extend our Game Day festivities into a victorious Christmas-themed bash that’ll have you caroling the night away. Nothing says monumental like the end of a rivalry and the beginning of the holiday season.

Uber to Stanford to protest the inevitable loss and infiltrate their Greek system.

This novel idea is our suggestion for the adventurous and risqué folk. In light of all of the protesting on and off campus recently, it’s very possible that a vast majority of UC Berkeley students will not know what to do with themselves during this unified and ra-ra weekend. However, we at the Clog are here for you and recommend taking your allegiance to the Golden Bear and your activist skills to Palo Alto. Show those Cardinal that we’re the No. 1 public and protesting university in the world. 

Go to the game.

Disclaimer: This is mostly a sarcastic suggestion, due to the likely outcome of this sporting event as more of a slaughter than a competitive contest. Regardless, attending the actual game that’s at the core of this whole weekend could give your Big Game experience a higher level of meaning and purpose. Perhaps proclaiming “bear territory” for the first time since CalSO would be nicely nostalgic and remind you of the good ol’ times before you had a complex relationship with CalCentral, knew midterms were a full semester season and comprehended the concept of discussion sections.

Start planning how we can beat Stanford next year, or in a decade.

Alas, the real money maker. Rather than follow the masses and attempt to engage in school spirit, rebellion or frivolous partying, we at the Clog urge you to embrace your inner UC Berkeley overachiever and meticulously start planning for next year. Engineers, mathematicians and literary scholars alike, we urge you create a plan as to how we can finally pull a fast one over the Cardinal’s A-game on and off the field.

Once again, we at the Clog urge you to fight those social norms and aid our beloved Bears this Saturday, it’s definitely a team effort!

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