Which Bay Area fall activity are you?

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NOVEMBER 21, 2016

Now that fall is upon us, we at the Clog know that doing. and photographing, fall activities is a must. We at the Clog know you want that Instagram-worthy shot of you holding a pumpkin or that perfect Snapchat of you holding the new Starbucks cups (phew, glad that drama is gone). There are many fall themed activities you can do around the Bay Area, so which fall activity are you?


  1. Do you think you’re classy?
    1. I once was. College has ruined me.
    2. Yes. I read “Crime and Punishment” with a glass of wine on my typical Saturday night.
    3. I fake it until make it. I want people to think I’m class,y so I wear a suit to class every day. People love it.
    4. Lol, no. I drink milk straight out of the carton.
  2. What’s your holiday drink of choice?
    1. Definitely a pumpkin spice latte. I embrace my inner white-girl wholeheartedly.
    2. Peppermint hot cocoa is my choice, because I’m (minty) fresh.
    3. Apple cider suits my sweet and spicy personality.
    4. A salted caramel frappuccino, because I’m salty.
  3. What’s your nerd level?
    1. Does rocking a BK shirt count as nerdy?
    2. I just embrace it, I’m 100% nerd. 
    3. I’m more of a closet nerd. Outwardly I’m a social butterfly, but inwardly I listen to classical music and reread old Greek texts. Nothing is more fun to me.
    4. Harry Potter is the nerdiest thing I do. So maybe 25%?
  4. How creative are you?
    1. I’m Instagram creative. My Instagram pictures are fire.
    2. I’d say I’m solidly creative. I just see the world from a different perspective than everyone else. I can’t help it.
    3. The extent of my creativity is doodling on my notebooks instead of listening in class.
    4. I can’t even draw a circle.
  5. How much do you embrace your inner child?
    1. I don’t really know, I’m half and half. But, when I’m feeling down I re-watch every single animated Disney movie.
    2. I’m extremely mature. No part of me is childlike, and I understand complex things about this world that my peers just don’t. 
    3. When I’m around my friends I act mature, but around my parents I ask them for money and refuse to clean my room. Sorry not sorry.
    4. I definitely embrace my inner child. I refuse to have real responsibilities.
  6. How much do you love the environment?
    1. I love the environment, but sometimes I deeply hate it when it’s raining and I need to walk to class.
    2. I usually spend free time separating my food from the dining hall into recycling, trash and compost. But I also do that because I just want to feel better about myself.
    3. Well, at least I don’t believe global warming is a hoax by the Chinese.
    4. I’m a self-proclaimed tree-hugger. I’m involved in every environmental effort on this campus, and sometimes I literally hug trees.
    1. You’re the Monterey Gem Faire, because you’re a gem. You could shout it from the rooftop of your dorm (and you occasionally actually do). You tell yourself how sparkly and fabulous you are constantly. In the great poet Hailee Steinfeld’s words, “Gonna love myself, no, I don’t need anybody else”. 
    2. You’re the Noe Valley Holiday Wine Walk, since you’re so mature for your age. You’re a wine expert, and you love showing off your knowledge to your friends, who love knowing all about the wines they’re drinking. You think that everyone that drinks beer at frat parties is just not classy, and you’re honestly considering dropping out of school to be a sommelier.
    3. You’re the San Rafael Parade of Lights and Winter Wonderland. You’re lively, outgoing and a bring light to everyone you meet. Even if you can be a little too energetic for your friends liking, especially during midterms. 
    4. You’re the Ghiradelli Square Tree Lighting Ceremony. You’re a lover of the environment and all things natural. You’re also a tree nerd, which makes us question why you’re here—why not go to that junior college across the bay and love their tree mascot? To make us feel better, just promise to rep Berkeley from head to toe when you go.


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NOVEMBER 20, 2016