Breadth or death

Breadth courses have an active role in every UC Berkeley student’s life. Whether you’re one of the chosen few who only have a five-course requirement or a mere mortal who engages with the other plebeians in the seven-course quest, nearly every semester each and everyone of us is given the chance to be exposed to new ways of thinking and to open our minds to new ideas. Or so we are told.

In actuality, breadth courses have the possibility of changing our lives forever, providing us with life-defining catharsis and leading us to discover our passion in life, or serving as the biggest pain in our ass for four months. We at the Clog are currently experiencing the latter, and thus have put together some scenarios in which our explorative courses feel like they will be the the last brea(d)th we ever take.

The literary person in a technical course

This situation particularly hits home for we literary people of the Clog. Entering the world of math and science is every English student’s worst nightmare and often times feels more like a foreign language rather than biological/physical science requirement. Nothing is more discouraging than spending hours trying to comprehend supermassive black holes only to leave the midterm feeling like you are at legitimate risk for receiving a no pass. It’s not your fault you don’t dabble in rocket science as a hobby.

The engineer in the humanities

This scenario creates an equally as alarming predicament. Like the struggles of the literary folk it seems rather obvious that the STEM-inclined are not ones for the written word. It seems like engineers would rather do a problem set, build a bridge or create a solar-powered spacecraft before they have to form an original thesis statement.

The three-unit breadths that have weekly homework

This is some other type of ridiculousness. Firstly, it’s absolutely uncalled for that three-unit breadths require much other than attendance, a midterm and final. Yet some courses feel entitled to infiltrate our lives every week with extraneous assignments that prevent us from focusing on our true work at hand. We at the Clog refuse for you to accept blame from this institution for not finding a cure to cancer, crafting the next American novel or creating the next Facebook while being drowned in anatomy coloring worksheets.

The breadth courses with three midterms

It is completely uncalled for for any course to have more than one or occasionally two midterms. It’s absolute blasphemy for a breadth course to hit the three-and-above range, yet we driven students can charge forth if our burning desire to achieve academic glory in our desired field shines through. But expecting us battered individuals to succeed on three irrelevant exams is unjust and leads to the demise of both our GPA and morale.

It’s utterly obvious that breadths cause us more physical and emotional pain than any Nicholas Sparks novel on a rainy day. So fellow reader, next time you fret about your GPA’s livelihood due to your physical science breadth requirement, know you are never alone in this academic war zone.

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