What to pack for Thanksgiving break

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NOVEMBER 22, 2016

It’s always hard to know what exactly to pack for your short trip back home (or wherever you’re headed) for Thanksgiving break. Do you pack clothes for the weekend, or do you rely on the remnants of whatever you have in your closet back home? Do you bring back books, or do you just recognize that you’re probably not going to get to studying anyways? The struggle is real. Don’t worry, the Clog has your back.

1. Be realistic about how much you’re going to study

A lot of the time we feel guilty for leaving a book or two behind and worry that there’s an off chance we’ll get to studying during break. Even though most of us have many assignments coming up the week after Thanksgiving and finals starting a week later (thanks, UC Berkeley!), it’s important to realize that, for most of us, we’ll be busy hanging out with friends and family. Yeah, many will do work at some point during break, but you should really be realistic about how much time you’re planning on devoting to studying. Not to mention, these few days are set aside specifically for us to relax with our families away from school with a tummy full of poultry and pie, so you shouldn’t be doing homework anyway.

2. Bring back the necessities

Think about the clothes you left back at home when moving in this fall. Do you have the basics still there, or did you wipe your closet bone dry? Try to pack pretty light because chances are you only need four outfits tops. If you’re going on a trip during Thanksgiving break, obviously pack what you’re gonna need to wear for that, but if you’re just going home consider leaving some clothes behind.

3. A smile and an empty belly

OK, this one is super cheesy but it’s very true. Be happy and hungry! Thanksgiving is filled with good times and good foods so enjoy yourself for as long as you can (because you know when we get back to school we will be close to the misery that is finals).

We at the Clog hope you have a fabulous Thanksgiving break! Be thankful for the calm before the storm.

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NOVEMBER 22, 2016