Tiny victories on way to finish line

Willow Yang/Senior Staff

We’ve come a long way since syllabus week and are proudly standing at mile marker 24.5 in the marathon of the semester. We’re finally able to see the finish line in the distance, and victory is within reach. All that stands between us and the sweet taste of freedom is a few more weeks of hard work. While these last few weeks of the semester may appear daunting at first glance, we at the Clog are here to remind you of the upcoming accomplishments worthy of celebration to push you past the finish line.

For starters, we have only two Mondays of classes left. Seeing as to how Mondays are the uncontested roughest days of the week, the lack of them is a significant occasion that’s worthy of recognition. Two more Mondays of instruction is a minuscule fraction in comparison to what we’ve gotten through thus far. With 13 of these beasts behind us, getting through the remaining two will be easier than snoozing your alarm in the morning.

But wait, it gets better! The remaining two Mondays are accompanied by the fact that we only have one full week of instruction left. Considering the incremental decline in effort that we’ve been exerting since week 10, one full week of instruction is equivalent to the exertion of doing our laundry. Heck, at this point we could skip the entire last week of classes and no one would be the wiser. However, this isn’t highly recommended. Anyone who’s in a DeCal is essentially done with a whole course already. Many DeCals stop meeting prior to dead week, so if you’re enrolled in one of those gems you’re already off the hook.

In case you’re feeling discouraged about all that you’ve accomplished thus far into the semester, reflect on the poppin’ playlist that you’ve compiled over the past 14 weeks. All of that time you’ve spent watching hours of music videos on YouTube has culminated in a work of audible art. Mozart himself has never composed such a musical masterpiece. The personalized studying soundtrack that you’ve created will make these last few late nights in the library a breeze.

We can also look forward to the freedom of RRR, A.K.A. “dead,” week. Contrary to the implications of its unwelcoming title, the week prior to finals is usually quite enjoyable. While this week is fully intended for preparing for finals, we all know that the first half is going to be spent reverting to a nocturnal sleep schedule and grossly mismanaging our time. Irresponsibility at the start of dead week is unavoidable. That being said, we might as well embrace the procrastination and enjoy the free time. We don’t have to attend any formal class or show up anywhere for the sake of attendance and blasted iClicker questions. We get complete control of our schedule and total freedom to neglect any responsibilities if we so desire.

The time has come or us to summon our remaining strength and hail the tiny victories to get us through this last leg of the race. We powered our way through the challenging week 10 slump and heroically battled against, and may or may not have defeated, never ending midterm season. It’s time to rally for a final push towards freedom.

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