Quiz: What’s your Thanksgiving food coma?

Ian Freimuth/Creative Commons

‘Tis the season to be stuffed as a turkey. After the pumpkin pie is devoured and the stuffing is gone, you and your family will be left in a state of illness. Your father will be anchored into his armchair, your sibling will be lying on the floor with their cell phone hanging above their chest and your grandfather, who fell asleep, probably never even left the table. Everyone has their own way to deal with their Thanksgiving food coma, and we at the Clog have made a quiz to reveal your post-dinner sedentary state.

  1. What’s your favorite part of dinner?
    1. Obviously turkey, that’s what we are all there for.
    2. It’s all about the desserts! My sweet tooth demands to be satisfied with all those scrumptious pies.
    3. Once I sit down at the table, all I see is stuffing.
    4. I love to get lost in the sea of gravy and mashed potatoes.
  2. How would you describe your role on Thanksgiving Day?
    1. Usually, I’m glued to whatever football game is on the television.
    2. I’m running around helping wherever I can.
    3. I’m surrounded by my family, catching them up on college life.
    4. No one sees me until dinner. I am summoned by the scents of the succulent Turkey.
  3. What’s your attire on Thanksgiving?
    1. I wear my traditional holiday sweatpants. They allow for maximum holiday food consumption.
    2. Formal all the way. My family pulls out their best dress shoes and ties.
    3. I don the matching turkey sweaters I always wear with my family. We’re hoping to get into the Awkward Family Photos calendar this year!
    4. Whatever’s clean (it’s going to get dirty anyways, right?).
  4. What’s your beverage of choice during the holiday?
    1. Anything thrown in front of me. Usually by dinner, my family and I are lush and laughing.
    2. Whatever’s caffeinated: coffee, tea, soda. It’s the only way to keep me sharp to deal with family.
    3. Just water. It helps my stomach expand for the dinner to come. You have to prepare yourself.
    4. I just save myself for the food. Who pays attention to what they drink?
  5. What Thanksgiving pie describes you best?
    1. Pumpkin pie
    2. Lemon meringue pie
    3. Apple pie
    4. Cherry pie
  6. What’s your leftovers policy?
    1. We have food that lasts us weeks. Thanksgiving dinners for days!
    2. I love to mix it up. Usually, I’ll transform the vegetables into soup and throw turkey into a salad.
    3. We give all the leftovers to family. The feast would have just ended up festering in our fridge, anyway.
    4. Our food doesn’t make it to see the next day.
    1. You’re the couch food coma. You’re as traditional as this American holiday itself. While many decide to slip into a slumber elsewhere or work it off, you opt for the safety and comfort of your family’s armchair. Don’t forget to leave the Macy’s Day Parade on the TV.
    2. You opt for an active food coma. The post-dinner slump doesn’t stand a chance against you. Instead of napping the night away, you work off your dinner by cleaning, going on family walks and dancing to those sweet holiday tunes.
    3. You won’t find yourself in a food coma, so congratulations. Luckily, it doesn’t look like you’re going to have a dreaded food coma after enjoying your Thanksgiving feast. While you may have consumed just as much as your family members, by the graces of the turkey gods you have escaped being stuffed (this year).
    4. You’ve found yourself in the kind of food coma that stops you in your tracks. You didn’t even make it out of the chair. While everyone else may have migrated to a more comfortable environment, you continue to reside at the dinner table. Instead, you’re interactions consist of Twitter posts from your phone and occasional conversations with passing family members heading to the kitchen.


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