What you’ll definitely do while home for Thanksgiving break

Libby Rainey /File

It’s that strange time of year again: Thanksgiving break. We’re all familiar with the awkwardly short five-day break we get, nicely placed right before finals. We all know about the joys of going home, sleeping in our own beds, seeing our pets and being bombarded with questions about school, life and our futures. It’s a lovely week(ish) full of joy, angst and too many conflicting emotions. We’ve all been there, and we all know what it’s like. Here are some of the lovely things that you will probably do over Thanksgiving break.

1. Avoid people from high school

Ahh, the best pastime. Whether you live in a small town or large city, somehow people whom you don’t want or need to see from high school still end up popping up randomly. You’ll have to endure the lovely conversation in which both of you attempt to catch up in a way in which you are subtly building yourself up to seem successful, happy and totally put together. Or you’ll just spend the whole time fake-smiling at each other, because high school was just a fun time full of lots of fake friendships. So, probably to avoid these stressful situations, you’ll end up hiding or running away from people from high school while out shopping for Thanksgiving. We all do it and it makes Thanksgiving break a weird combination of angst and family fun.

2. Have deep thoughts about how weird it is to be home

You’ll probably think about how weird it is to spend three months at college, living a nice, independent life, and then come back to your home where you’ve lived since you were three. You walk into your room and all the fantastic (or horrible) high school memories come flooding back. It’ll be fun to deal with those and think through all the embarrassing things that happened during your youth living in this house, while at the same time still trying to prove to yourself that you are now an independent young adult. It’s really confusing to have two completely different worlds collide, so you’ll probably end up pondering how weird your life is (and how weird it is to go back to college in five days).

3. Realize how horrible the food at Berkeley is compared to your parents’ cooking

During your first dinner at home, your parents will probably make a nice home-cooked meal, maybe consisting of a freshly seared steak, grilled potatoes, salad and corn on the cob. As you cut your steak, it will hit you that these were your meals growing up as a kid and that you honestly never appreciated them. And, at the same time, it will hit you how truly horrible Berkeley’s food is. You start realizing that Café 3 and Crossroads are literally the worst ever and wonder how you ate that food for three months. Finally, you’ll be hit with a wave of sadness in which you realize that you’ll be going back to that food in five days.

4. Stress about finals

It just keeps getting better. Beyond having sad thoughts about food and the evolution of your life, while at the same time attempting to run from high school nemeses, you’ll also stress about finals. Thanksgiving break comes at a very strange time, just two weeks before finals. You’ll go home thinking it’ll be a relaxing week full of food, fun and family, and instead you’ll end up already stressing about finals. It’s a Thanksgiving break guarantee, so have fun attempting to balance studying for finals while being extremely envious of your little cousins who literally just color all day.

5. Deal with countless questions concerning your future

For some reason, relatives think that young adults love answering questions about their futures. They think we love telling them how we’re doing in school, what our major is and what we hope our job will be in the future. Even though we love our relatives, we don’t love their questions — thinking about our futures is our worst nightmare. Not only are you worrying about people from high school and finals, but now you’re also stressing about your future. Your relatives’ questions will trigger all the angst you’ve ever felt about life post-graduation and will make you question what your life plans are. It’s an onslaught of emotions that’s just so fun to have over your break.

Unfortunately, these are all very common experiences. Many of us at the Clog have experienced these feelings and know the weird emotions wrapped up in our “relaxing” Thanksgiving breaks. But we know that together we can get through it, one emotion at a time. Be strong and really try to relax this Thanksgiving, Bears!

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