Ode to end of Game Days

Crystal Zhong/Staff

Fellow Berkeley Bears, we are all in mourning for the end of our favorite season,

we must stay strong, unite and discover a means to give our lives newfound reason.

Game Days are coming to a storming end, but this weekend we finished with a bang,

and, in all honesty, Stanford came on in and did its thang.

But now we day-raging enthusiasts need something to fill our Saturdays,

besides going to the library, sleeping in and watching Netflix with a bag of Lays.

This Game Day season our Instagrams have experienced quite a gain,

however, our livers might argue and say these past few months have been a real pain.

Alas, there will be no more girls in cheer skirts and sorority shirts gallivanting through the streets,

and the silence and ability to be productive on Saturdays might be a nice treat.

On a positive note, basketball season is here,

which gives us yet another reason to dress up and cheer.

We can all rejoice for the shortened lines at La Burrita, Artichokes and Top Dog on weekends,

and now can get our post-party snacks quickly before running back to save our friends.

Spring semester brings a new jar of possibilities and excitement,

but also can give us the free time to ponder our academic lives and lament.

This new year we can strive to engage in fewer prolific ragers and focus on our studies,

and perhaps do some cultured activities with a few new buddies?

From the social standpoint the rest of the year definitely won’t be the same,

the vast majority of gatherings and exciting convocations will likely be rather lame.

Our only hope now is to wait anxiously until Cal Day,

when all of us hibernating Game Dayers will cry, “Hip hip hooray.”

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