What should you do this week?

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Kayla Baskevitch/Staff

The week after Thanksgiving break is an odd one, to be sure. Instead of going straight into RRR week, we are subjected to one last week of lectures. Since we all know you’re not actually going to class (because you didn’t do your homework), we at the Clog have set up a quiz so you can decide just what to do with your time this week.

  1. How many finals do you have?
    1. Five. Quantity over quality, right?
    2. Three. It’s my first semester, so I took it easy.
    3. Two. Some of my classes just have final projects, which I’m not counting.
    4. Four. I like to stay at a standard level of suffering.
  2. What would you rather do to procrastinate?
    1. Binge-watch whatever’s new on Netflix. I have to keep up with what everyone’s talking about.
    2. Take a hike. Nothing helps me ignore a problem set like the great outdoors.
    3. Create something. I draw, paint, sculpt or build when I can’t bear to sit and read.
    4. Sleep. I need sleep. So much sleep.
  3. What color is your backpack?
    1. Black canvas or black leather. I wanted a classic, understated backpack — so understated that it blends in with two thirds of the other bags on campus.
    2. A bright color. I need to ensure that the cars on Bancroft Way see me as I jaywalk, so they don’t hit me.
    3. I don’t carry a backpack. Everything I need fits in my designer purse/messenger bag/pockets/fanny pack/satchel.
    4. Multi-colored or patterned. Clashing is a way of life.
  4. Pick a meme.
    1. Me to me
    2. You vs. the guy she tells you not to worry about
    3. Joe Biden pranking Trump
    4. Public funds
  5. Do you need to clean your room?
    1. Nope! I always keep my room spotless.
    2. Yes, but I’m not going to do it.
    3. No. It’s not time to clean until I can’t see the floor and until I have completed an accurate replica of the Leaning Tower of Pisa with dirty dishes.
    4. Yes. I’ll probably take care of it this weekend.
  6. How are you feeling after Thanksgiving break?
    1. Relaxed and ready to rock finals! I got a lot of sleep and fueled up on homemade food.
    2. Antisocial. I spent way too much time catching up with relatives and high school friends, and I can’t bear to make any more small talk.
    3. Stressed to the max. It hit me Saturday night that RRR week is next week and that finals are the week after that.
    4. Full. I ate so much at Thanksgiving dinner that I haven’t felt hunger since Thursday morning.
    1. Not to sound like your mom, but you really should go to lecture. Who knows what gems of wisdom (or hints about the final exam) your professors will let slip this week? Better safe than sorry, Bears. At the very least, you’ll win brownie points with your professor for simply showing up.
    2. You should take up geocaching. It’s basically a giant, global treasure hunt that gets you outside and into new areas. Download an app, use your phone as a GPS, and wander Berkeley in search of your prize.
    3. Try reorganizing your entire room or apartment. Think of how delighted your roommates will be to return to a completely new setup! The confusion created by your new methods of organization (“Why are my shoes stored in the freezer?”) will keep you entertained for the entire week.
    4. Spend your week making memes. Now is the perfect time to sit down and brainstorm the perfect Oski joke for UC Berkeley Memes for Edgy Teens. If you dedicate yourself to creating original content and moving beyond “you vs. the guy she tells you not to worry about,” you could even break 1,000 likes!

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