How to aggressively decorate for the holiday season

Linsha Qi/File

So if you’re reading this, chances are you love the holiday season. On top of it, chances are you have probably already started decorating for Christmas before the widely accepted “after Thanksgiving” start time. Regardless, if you want to know some aggressive holiday decor tips for your apartment or dorm, stay tuned!

Mini wreaths

If you live on a dorm floor, make sure to leave a mini wreath on every door on your floor. If you’re feeling extra aggressive, put one on every door of your building. If you’re gonna tackle this, you may want to consider finding your wreath material in nature because even decorations from Daiso can add up.

Speaking of Daiso — stock up

Get at least one item of all the holiday decorations Daiso carries to cover every inch of your dorm room or apartment. With the way housing in Berkeley is, we understand that you probably don’t have too much extra space to decorate, but if you’re serious about the holidays, consider ditching some of the “essentials” for decor.

Lights on everything

Put lights EVERYWHERE, including all door frames, bed frames and closets. You can even wrap lights around each individual hanger in your closet! We recommend LED lights so that your clothes don’t catch fire. The more lights the better. If you’re in a dorm room, we know this is technically illegal, so we suggest tinsel.

Holiday bedding

Naturally, you should change out all of your bedding to match the decor of the rest of your place. Toss out that comforter of yours and go out and buy a Christmas-inspired throw. We’re thinking red and white candy cane stripes and a Christmas tree pillow or blue and white striped comforter and a menorah-shaped pillow.

Put a full-sized tree in your dorm room.

Forget the mini trees or artificial ones, go big or go home. So what if you live in a Unit 3 triple! If you’re really committed to holiday decor, you have to bring a tree or Hanukkah bush home.

Happy (almost) holidays from the Clog. And remember, don’t skimp on the holiday decor.

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