6 Berkeley High School students found consuming marijuana, 2 transported to hospital

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Six Berkeley High School students were caught ingesting marijuana edibles on the school campus Thursday.

Two of the students became ill after ingesting the drug and were transported to the hospital, according to an email from Berkeley High School Principal Sam Pasarow. In his email, Pasarow said all of the students have recovered.

Pasarow also debunked the rumor that one of the six students possessed a gun — in fact, the student had a BB gun in possession, but not an actual firearm. According to Pasarow, the BB gun was confiscated from the student, who will face “serious disciplinary consequences,” as will the other five students.

“We take this incident and all incidents involving controlled substances on our campus seriously,” Pasarow said in his email. “This investigation is ongoing at this time and does involve cooperation with local law enforcement.”

Charles Burress, a Berkeley Unified School District spokesperson, declined to comment on this event.

“The high school has no further information to release at this time,” Burress said in an email.

Check back for updates.

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