WWRD?: How Rory Gilmore would handle finals at UC Berkeley

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With RRR week upon on us and finals looming over our tired bodies ready to take the last of our energy, students are searching for guidance on how to survive the next two weeks. The perfect role model? Rory Gilmore.  

For the uninitiated, “Gilmore Girls” is a show about the friendship between a mother and daughter, Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. While they may seem completely different — Lorelai is often impulsive and Rory much more subdued — at their cores, they’re both smart, charming and funny, creating a rapport unlike any other duo’s. Throughout the show’s seven seasons, Rory shows an uncanny ability to succeed at almost everything, including school. So how would she get ready for her finals?

Drink coffee

If there’s anything the show taught its audience, it’s that coffee is vital to a normal day. It’s the first thing we see Lorelai drinking, and it’s pretty much the only thing we see the mother-daughter pair drink on a regular basis. For Rory, it’s a way of life. For us, it’s a way to stay awake and allow ourselves a few minutes to enjoy something besides the textbooks we’ll have to read. As a plus, coffee tastes good; if you were wondering, Rory likes her coffee black.

Find the perfect place

Now that you’re awake, you need a place to get comfortable. Whether this is your room, your favorite cafe or just Main Stacks, the perfect space is critical to bolstering motivation to study — just look at Rory. For her, the best spot was under a tree on one of Yale University’s many lawns, where the atmosphere was just right. But when someone took the coveted spot from her, she didn’t just give it up. She bribed the invasive student to go somewhere else. Find your place and hold on to it.

Study all at once

Now that you have your ideal spot, it’s time to start studying. Rory, like us, had more than one class to study for. So how did she divvy up her time for each class? She didn’t — she just had all of her textbooks in front of her and moved back and forth whenever a subject got boring. School isn’t meant to bore or debilitate us; it’s supposed to be a time to experiment and find what we want for our future. So whenever you find yourself hating the subject you’re reading about, move on to something you haven’t yet grown tired of before going back.

Spend time with friends

Rory didn’t have a lot of friends throughout school, as she preferred a few good friends over popularity. But she made time for the friends she did have, such as when she helped a depressed, bedridden Paris Geller, recently rejected from Harvard, get out of bed and back on her feet. Remember, you’re not struggling through school alone — the people around you are, too. So study together, or just take a break and relax with the people you’ve met this past semester.

Call your parents

One of the best parts of the show was the mother-daughter friendship between Rory and her mother. Just as Lorelai depends on Rory to keep her sane, Rory looks to Lorelai as a guide whenever anything goes wrong. So follow her lead and do the same. Your parents and loved ones are there for you, because they love you. It may seem like it’s been only been a few days since Thanksgiving, but now more than ever is when you need the people in your life.

However you choose to study, remember that at the end of the day, grades aren’t the all-important measure of success. Rory was a great student — the best at just about everything she pursued — but the reason we all love her is because of the person she is: She’s kind, compassionate and fun.

But you should probably start studying soon. Copper boom!

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