A beginner’s guide to the RSF

J. Hannah Lee/File
Hannah Lee/File

As RRR week continues and finals loom upon us, so does the ever-growing stress that comes along with them. So, the question is, what should you do with all that pent-up energy that you could be putting into studying for finals? Well, we at the Clog want to suggest checking out the machinery at the RSF, especially if you’ve never tried it out before. If you’re looking for the right gym contraption for your exercising preferences, we’ve created just the guide for you.


If regular sidewalks aren’t your thing, then the RSF has just the contraption for you — moving sidewalks. Now you can walk or run at whatever pace and incline you’d like, but this time with the extra-fun risk of being able to fall off. Not to mention, there’s a lot of freedom with moving sidewalks, as you can put your own flair and style on them. You can walk backwards, sit on it and then repeatedly slide off and get back on or you can be a real risk taker and just lay on it. Forget about whose feet have been there. You’re at the gym and you’re doing something.


We don’t know why the ellipticals in the RSF are this way, but for some reason they require you to run while simultaneously being forced to do the splits. They basically make you take steps that stretch your legs farther than you ever thought they could reach. And, like the treadmill, you have a lot of options with the way you choose to use the elliptical. If you don’t want to pull something, you can always move your legs in reverse, or you can just stand there and watch Netflix.


This machine is basically the definition of misery. We don’t know how people are able to drag themselves onto the StairMaster and will themselves to climb a never-ending flow of stairs, but if you want to endure more suffering than you would by forcing yourself to study, this is just the thing for you. Maybe your butt will look good after? We’re not sure. We’re pretty sure that’s what all these hills are for. We wouldn’t suggest alternate uses for the StairMaster, mainly because we wouldn’t suggest using it at all.

Recumbent and upright bicycles

Bikes are a great option, because you’re sitting. We at the Clog want to point out an important difference between the two bikes offered at the RSF. The recumbent bicycle is the bicycle that allows you to sit in a laid-back, reclined position. The upright bicycle is more raised and lot like riding a regular bike, since you have to sit upright the whole time, hence the name. If you’re looking to be as comfortable as possible or just want a place to sit and rest from your other RSF activities, the recumbent bike is for you. If you’re actually looking to exercise, then try out the upright bike. Note: if you go really slow, the bike will shut off and act like you’re not even on it. So they’re judging you. But don’t worry, no judgments here.

Rowing machine

Arguably the most fun out of all the machines at the RSF, if you can even describe working out as “fun,” is the rowing machine. While using this, you can be pretty much let your imagination roam free. You can pretend you’re a big-time Olympic rower and racing among the fastest in the world, or you can pretend you’re rowing away from your worst enemy (or your finals) or you can even pretend you’re rowing your boat gently down the stream. Whichever scenario you prefer, you can’t go wrong with the rowing machine, especially if you’re looking to get a more extensive workout in with only one piece of equipment. Except, you know, the fact that it’s exercise. After a while it kind of starts to suck once you realize that you’re old and you have a hard time letting your imagination run wild, but hey, it’s worth a try.

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