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Best places to meditate on campus

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DECEMBER 07, 2016

With the stress of finals and dead week, sometimes you may be in need of a quiet place in which to meditate. Luckily, our school is not stressful at all, and basically everything on campus is calm at this time of the semester. We at the Clog have mapped out some of the most serene and relaxing places on campus for these upcoming weeks.

Sproul Plaza

Just take a seat in the middle of Sproul Plaza, close enough to the creek so that you can hear the sound of moving water. Because Sproul is ALWAYS empty, you shouldn’t have any sort of interruptions or distractions at all. Luckily, we don’t go to a school where the main walkway on campus is bombarded with people handing out fliers and club tents!

Main Stacks

It is best to meditate in completely quiet spaces. Main Stacks is just the place for you! Disregard all the stressed-out students banging their heads on the desks in front of them and find your inner peace. The best part about this location is that you can self-reflect here 24 hours a day now.

On top of the university seal

They say you’re not supposed to step on the seals near Doe Library, but you know what, we don’t believe in those superstitions. You definitely won’t fail your finals if you sit yourself on top of a seal and meditate in the middle of hundreds of passers-by.

In line at Golden Bear Cafe

What is more peaceful than GBC filled with freshmen trying to use up their last meal points before the semester ends? Just sit yourself on the ground in the middle of GBC or stand there in silence waiting for your burrito. You’re bound to feel at peace.

On top of the Campanile

Once you get to the top of the Campanile, all your worries will look so small, both literally and figuratively. The bells will also aid your meditation even more! Just make sure you’re not up there when they decide to get fancy and play music.

We wish you a successful and stress-free finals week. And even though these may not be the best spots to meditate on campus, we hope you can find your inner peace wherever you are.

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DECEMBER 07, 2016