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What movies to watch to study for your class

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DECEMBER 07, 2016

Finals seriously suck. And honestly, the only thing that is worse than the finals themselves is actually studying for them. So just like how you watched movies for those book reports in middle school, here are some you can watch instead of studying for your finals.

“Good Will Hunting” for Math 54

Why study linear algebra when you can just watch a movie about a janitor solving an extremely difficult math problem?

“Interstellar” for Astronomy C10

Need to review for your astronomy final? Why not kick back and just watch “Interstellar”?

“Finding Nemo” for Geography C82 (Oceans)

Check out the beautiful marine life in “Finding Nemo” instead of studying for oceans. What could go wrong?

“Saving Private Ryan” for History 7B

What better way to learn about all the U.S. history from the Civil War to recent times than by watching the movie, “Saving Private Ryan”? Even though it’s just about World War II, you should be fine for the rest!

“Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” for Political Science 1

This film is actually a pretty good representation of the process of creating a bill in Congress. This film is all about Mr. Smith’s filibuster.

“School of Rock” for Music 10

What movie demonstrates music appreciation more that “School of Rock”? This hilarious classic is sure to get you an A on your final.

“The Imitation Game” for Computer Science 61A

This feature is about decoding enigma during WWII with the first computer. Just watch this and you should pretty much understand everything there is to know about computer science.

“The Social Network” for Media Studies 10

What better way to study for mass communications than watching a movie about the creation of Facebook? So learn about the power of technology and the media by watching “The Social Network.

“The Stanford Prison Experiment” for Psychology 1

This film outlines a psychology experiment conducted at Stanford University, so you can just learn about the simulation in a SUPER condensed 122 minutes.

We hope your dead week is filled with tons of interesting movies, because who really needs to study? It’s not like UC Berkeley classes are hard or anything — right?

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DECEMBER 07, 2016