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How to multitask while studying for finals

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DECEMBER 07, 2016

Studying for finals is already tough, and just because we have to study doesn’t mean we can neglect our other needs, right? These are incredibly important tasks we’re talking about, so without further ado, we at the Clog present to you modafinil a list of things you can do while studying to kill two birds with one stone.

Work out.

Who has time to care about their health while studying? We’re guessing you were thinking no one. But you’re wrong, YOU do. Put your book on the ground, get into plank position over it and memorize those organic chemistry models while getting six-pack abs. Don’t leave plank position until you’ve memorized everything.

Make sure you’re groomed.

Skyping with friends to review certain material on tomorrow’s final? Discreetly make sure you are groomed and look presentable by using the video camera as your personal mirror. If you’re not, do what you gotta do: Trim your eyebrow hair, check that your nose hair isn’t too long, put lotion on your face, etc. The better you look during finals week, the worse everyone else will look — and a little confidence-booster never hurt anyone.

Research paper on Ramona’s shut down

Need to write a research paper for literature class? Research why the h*ck Ramona’s (objectively the best meal-points café on campus) closed. Researching its shut down will not only turn into a stellar paper, but it’ll also help all of humankind understand why it was taken away from us. Yeah, we’re still bitter about Ramona’s.

Study break

If you absolutely, desperately need a study break, go to the UC Berkeley Memes for Edgy Teens page and find sad finals-themed memes for inspiration for what not to do. For example, don’t let those “it’s the day before my final and I know nothing” memes be you. This isn’t wasting time — this is learning from other people’s mistakes.

Go out of your comfort zone.

You know that person in your class that you’ve had a crush on all semester? Call them, and tell them that, frankly, you think they need help understanding the material and you wouldn’t mind helping them. Teaching someone else the material always helps with your own understanding.

If you follow these tips and multitask while studying, you’ll be very ahead of the curve (literally and figuratively, of course). We have a feeling you’re going to slay finals this semester.

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