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Quiz: Are you used to the rain yet?

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DECEMBER 07, 2016

It’s the eternal complaint of Bay Area residents — one moment, it’s sunny and sweltering, the next, you can’t feel your fingers and your socks are soaked. Considering it doesn’t rain too often, the occasional torrential downpours make us feel like we’ll never get used to it. Either you don’t see rain as a big deal and hoods are optional, or when there’s a 10 percent chance of a slight drizzle, it means its time to poncho-up or even avoid the outdoors at all costs.

You may have felt both ways toward the rain at different points in your Berkeley career, or you may be on the fence as to how you view it at all. If you’re still unsure as to whether or not the prospect of rain makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up, we at the Clog have created our own quiz to help you find out.


  1. How many umbrellas do you own?
    1. None. I am at peak form when soaked to the skin.
    2. One. Like a normal person.
    3. Two, just in case I lose or break one.
    4. I lost count years ago. I’m drowning in umbrellas. Help me.
  2. What do you wear when there’s a 50 percent chance of rain?
    1. Suit up. Poncho, rain jacket, rain boots, waterproof undergarments, umbrella. Y’know, the works.
    2. Nothing. Who cares? It’s just a little water. I am free.
    3. Wear a rain coat, or at least a jacket with a hood. And, y’know, other clothes.
    4. Wear my flip flops. I forgot to check the weather. Again. I’m probably also wearing shorts.
  3. It’s pouring outside. Do you leave your room?
    1. No way. Showering is an indoor activity.
    2. Nope. I hate when I have to walk around while water sloshes around inside my shoe. Water belongs in the ocean, not in my shoe.
    3. Hell yeah. I’m already out there jumping in puddles.
    4. Sure. I have things to do. I can’t afford to waste my days away laying in my bed. I’m not a SoCal weakling, okay?
  4. Did you attend the Stanfurd game even though it was raining?
    1. Yes, but I kind of regretted it after. I was so cold.
    2. Yes! I can’t miss out on Cal getting their butts kicked by Stanfurd. Plus, it’s more fun in the rain.
    3. Sports, water and I don’t mix well. So, no.
    4. Maybe next year when it’s hopefully not raining. Sorry.
  5. What did you do the first time it rained this school year?
    1. Snapchatted it.
    2. Complained about it.
    3. Lived my life as I normally would.
    4. Died.
  6. You feel a drop of rain on your head. You:
    1. Run inside the nearest building.
    2. Keep walking.
    3. Stick your tongue out to take a sip of cool and slightly acidic rain because you’re too lazy to get out your water bottle and fill it up with regular, filtered water.
    4. Cry.
    1. Okay, desert baby. You’re definitely not used to the rain, and you’re probably just experiencing seasons for the first time. If there’s a 1 percent chance of rain, there’s no question about it. You’ll have your rain boots on with an umbrella in your hand.
    2. Not bad, rookie. You’re getting there, but you still like to avoid the rain by staying at home in the comfort of your own bed. But we get it, because we wish we could do that all the time too.
    3. Where are you from, the rain forest? You’re a seasoned pro. It’s only a little water. While you’re walking through the rain with your hood down and your hair dripping, you’ll be laughing at all the people who can’t seem to get a hold of themselves when they see a couple of drops falling out of the sky.
    4. Who even are you? You never check the weather, so you’re never prepared for anything. You’ve found yourself wearing flip-flops and shorts on multiple occasions when it’s started to pour rain. Good luck with everything else.




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DECEMBER 07, 2016