How to trick yourself into studying

Nicole White/File

For some people, there are times when it’s difficult to find the motivation to study. For other people, the motivation never even arrives. That’s why some of us need to invent ways to study without actually feeling like we’re studying, kind of like how Daniel-san learns karate just by waxing cars and stuff in the Karate Kid. With these classic studying tricks, you can continue to be unmotivated to study and still pass your classes.

The Reverse-Sproul Flyerer 

What you’ll need: flashcards and people skills

Approach someone on Sproul who’s handing out flyers. When they hand you a flyer, only agree to read the information on their handout if they read the information on your handout. Proceed to hand them one of your flashcards. They’ll read the definition on the back of the card, and you’ll guess the term. Your brain will be absorbing information, but it will feel like you’re just handing out flyers on Sproul, which is probably one of your favorite activities. It’s also better than studying flashcards with a friend, because people will be confused.

Professor Burrito

What you’ll need: tortillas, a pen and whatever you like in burritos

One of the most boring yet necessary study habits is reviewing your notes. Taking notes in a regular notebook makes them easy to avoid, but taking notes on tortillas makes them unavoidable. Tortillas are the paper of the food world, so they’re perfect for note-taking. Since nearly every college student eats at least one burrito per day, that means you’ll have to review your notes at least once a day too.

Get Some Curves, Set Some Curves

What you’ll need: a course reader, the RSF and a friend with very little concern for your safety

This trick is for people who aren’t motivated to study but are motivated to have a great butt. Put what you think is probably a little too much weight on a squat rack. Then, give your course reader to your friend, and have that friend ask you true or false questions on the readings while you squat. Only allow your friend to help you with the weight if you answer the questions correctly. When you breeze through the exam and finish first, people will be impressed with both your speed and your booty as you walk by to turn it in.

The Resurrection

What you’ll need: Easter eggs, a printer and a friend with a lot of free time

It doesn’t have to be Easter to go on an egg hunt, especially if those eggs are filled with valuable knowledge. You’ll have to print out your professor’s PowerPoint slides, fold them up and stuff them into Easter eggs. Then, have your friend hide them throughout campus for you to find. This one is actually kind of a valid study habit, since linking memories to physical places can help you recall them later. You’ll get all the fun you usually get on Easter, only this time it’s your grade that’s getting resurrected.

Not all of these tricks will work for everyone, which is why you might have to design your own study regimen. Whatever activity you end up choosing, make sure you can barely tell you’re studying at all. If all goes well, maybe you’ll never have to feel like you’re studying again.

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