Berkeley School of Witchcraft and Wizardry

Caragh McErlean/Staff

We’re all too familiar with the scenario of having to trek through four floors of Main Stacks with three bags hanging off our shoulders and a large stack of books under one arm in a bleak attempt to search for an open seat. It takes a miracle and a half to find an empty table with a functioning outlet and a bright enough lamp, and when we finally do, we refuse to move from our sanctuary for at least three hours. An absolute nightmare would be sitting down and unpacking our bag only to realize that we left our computer charger at home.

As mere Muggles, we would be subjugated to begrudgingly setting our brightness to the lowest possible setting and then having no choice but to use our laptop until it ran out of battery. While the new release of “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” means that many of us Potterheads finally get to re-enter the magical world, we at the Clog got to thinking and wondered exactly how spells could benefit us as the semester wraps up and finals are closer than ever.

Accio (Summoning Charm)

Now that you’ve wasted about 20 minutes of precious studying time just on finding a seat, the last thing on your mind is leaving your sacred spot in order to go home and get your charger. Using Accio means you could simply summon anything you need at any time and from anywhere. Just remember to practice it a few times first, since Harry showed us that the further the object, the more willpower it takes.

Silencio (Silencing Charm)

The majority of us descend into the Stacks when we need the silence that its underground setting provides. But not everything can be pure silence. Every so often, there is an echoing laugh, a reverberating thump of books falling, the screeching of a chair being pulled out or the whistling of a bookshelf being rolled on its wheels. These small disturbances can add up when you’re trying to concentrate on your essay that’s due in about 3 hours. The silencing charm, Silencio, is a perfect escape from the noises of the real world as you create a mini force field surrounding you and your books. Just make sure you can still hear the alarm you set reminding you there’s only 30 minutes left before the deadline.

Obliviate (Memory Charm)

Sometimes we wonder if our professors genuinely think we understand everything there is to know on a subject or whether their exams are just cruel mind games. Using the Obliviate spell before they have the chance to write the final exam would mean that they couldn’t possibly include everything that was covered in the course. Just make sure your wand is in good working order. The last thing you’d want is for the spell to backfire and you to end up forgetting the last 13 weeks of course material instead.

Tergeo (Cleaning Spell)

The onset of finals means that our rooms and study spaces are unidentifiable among stacks of paper and books, heaps of dirty clothes and remains of food scraps. Cleaning up what is essentially the accumulation of the entire semester is both practical and hygienic, but it also takes a lot of time and effort away from studying. Plus, it’s just annoying to do. Using the cleaning spell, Tergeo, would be a complete lifesaver, and we’d never have to go back to the archaic methods of cleaning, such as using vacuums. But while this seems like a dream come true, it also means that we can no longer use “cleaning” as an extremely valid form of procrastination.

There are those who say, “be careful what you wish for,” but we really can’t see the downside of having magical abilities. We at the Clog are a practical bunch, though, and understand that maybe our wishes are best saved for more realistic desires, such as reaching the page count on an essay or achieving a passing grade on the exam.

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