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Libraries you have to study in

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DECEMBER 13, 2016

Are you ready for finals week to be over? We at the Clog are too, but we have a few ideas to make finals week BEARable, and maybe even a little fun. Thus, we present to you a few libraries that you can go to in order to change up your daily routine.

Feeling dressy and hungry?

Go to the Haas Library. Not only is there a cafe to buy food from, but if you’re dressed a little extra well, there’ll surely be people to impress there, not to mention other people dressed just as well, if not better, than you.

Need to go on a quick getaway to a European museum?

Get your work done in the North Reading Room of Doe Library. Straight out of a story book, this room is quiet, not to mention stunning.

Feeling a little edgy today?

If you’re feeling especially edgy today, switch up your daily routine and study in the East Asian Studies library. Dark, moody, and mysterious, this library will live up to your dreams of being hipster and edgy for the day.

Want to get work done, but not really?

Take a stroll to the Engineering library. There you’ll run into your STEM friends, take a break to talk to them and most importantly eat food without a care in the world. In fact, if you go there more than once, you’ll definitely see the same people you saw last Tuesday (odds are they probably never left Kresge in the first place).

Need to actually get work done?

Don’t even ask. Just go to Main Stacks. It doesn’t matter if you choose the individual desks or the long tables; Main Stacks will force you to get work done even if you don’t want to.

Still feeling sad about Ramona’s like we are?

If you’re still missing Ramona’s, perhaps the best place to go study would be Wurster’s architecture library. At least you can reminisce about the good old days by being in the same building as your favorite on-campus cafe. It’s also close to Southside and Cafe Strada, if you’re always hungry like us at the Clog.

Happy studying Golden Bears!

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DECEMBER 12, 2016