A tenant of Jesse Arreguin’s building places sign supporting Ben Gould on their lawn

Ben Gould/Courtesy

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Seen a Ben Gould for City Council District 4 sign in front of Berkeley Mayor Jesse Arreguin’s building? Don’t be fooled, Arreguin is still supporting Kate Harrison to replace his seat.

Gould said he had gone to his friend and supporter’s home to help put up a sign and realized once he had arrived that his friend lived in Arreguin’s building. Shortly after realizing this, he tweeted an image of the sign. Arreguin has previously endorsed Harrison to replace him in the District 4 seat.

“(D)on’t worry there will be a Kate Harrison sign there too soon!” Arreguin replied to the image on Twitter.

In an email, Arreguin said his neighbor has the right to put up a sign supporting whichever candidate he wants.

According to Gould, his campaign has been going well, and he said it seems like there are more signs up supporting him than his opponents as of yet. He added that he will be putting up more this weekend.

Harrison said her campaign has not yet put out all of its yard signs.

“We didn’t put all of our signs up yet because it’s been pouring rain — as soon as it dries up we’ll be putting more up,” Harrison said. “Jesse still supports me and has been really active in my campaign.”


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