Go to class or take a pass

Michael Drummond/File

“I will go to all of my classes.” This is the same white lie we all tell ourselves at the beginning of each new semester, and we partially believe it, at least for the first week of classes. Our high school selves were terrified into never missing a school day unless an essential internal organ went rogue or we had the black plague. However, we soon realized college is a much different ball game. When you’re one out of 700 students in Wheeler (RIP), it’s easy to trade in your Nutritional Science lecture for an episode of “Dexter” or an extra hour of sleep. Though this option is very tempting and will undoubtedly win out once or twice, we at the Clog have compiled some motivators to make sure you attend more classes than Netflix series you binge.

You can go to GBC.

Nothing gets the brain juices flowing quite like an exciting meal, and what better place to purchase a tasty type of food than UC Berkeley’s very own Golden Bear Cafe? With lengthy lines during breakfast and lunch time that cause you to almost miss your next class or descend into madness, who wouldn’t want to roll out of bed and go to their 8 a.m.?

You can engage in intellectual debates with your peers.

Ah, one of UC Berkeley’s biggest perks: the utter thrill of being paired with some of the most politically and intellectually opinionated youth in the world. It’s almost impossible to go a day without having a major political debate with at least three of your academic colleagues. After all, who wouldn’t want to begin their morning with a debate about the minimum wage on their way to Dwinelle?

You can run into all of your friends on campus.

We at the Clog know how social you spirited readers are and therefore fully understand your excitement when you see all of your peers on campus. It’s always a pleasure to see your freshman year crush after an all-nighter or your computer science professor after you took your Calculus midterm. Even better is the chance to engage in enlightening small talk all the way to Li Ka Shing with that kid your mom wanted you to go out with in kindergarten who happens to be a spring admit!

These are just the beginning of the spectacular perks of attending your classes. With such excitement in store, who wouldn’t want to race to campus?

Nichole Bloom is the assistant blog editor. Contact Nichole Bloom at [email protected].