New Year, new Golden Bears?

Rashad Sisemore/File

Twelve grapes and champagne? Twelve wishes and some booze to ensure that if you don’t achieve them, you can take Jamie Foxx’s advice and blame it on the alcohol? We at the Clog know that all of you hopeful readers, too engaged in the common practice of drafting New Year’s Resolutions, placed faith in 2017 not resulting in the same massive L characteristic of 2016.

While drafting our own New Year’s resolutions, we at the Clog couldn’t help but notice that there are a few resolutions it seems we UC Berkeley students set every year, yet never quite hit the mark on. To help finally put an end to that trend, we have mindfully included some New Year’s resolutions that we as UC Berkeley students can hope to finally check off this year.

Go to a class at the RSF.

Every semester we tell ourselves that this is the finally the term we’ll get in shape. Clearly, it hasn’t happened yet. But it’s a new year, new us, so we encourage you to make 2017 the year you finally go to that hip-hop dance class. By hitting up the RSF, we can combine our love of being productive and inflicting pain upon ourselves to achieve a higher purpose. Remind you of your computer science problem set from last semester? We think yes.

Do your assigned readings.

Usually we would place the quest of going to all of our classes on this list, but clearly that’s rather far fetched, so why waste the space? Thus, we suggest attempting to do your assigned readings. Enhancing our knowledge of thrilling topics such as the significance of wood carving in mid-century Sweden is truly the bee’s knees. This semester, arm yourselves with your course readers and put the “li(t)” in library.

Introduce yourself to your professor.

This is something we all tussle with in the beginning of each new academic term. It’s rather daunting to approach our academic idols and say our name followed by a firm handshake. Yet it’s essential that we push ourselves out of our comfort zones this semester and stride toward adult society. Or we can sit in the back and swerve out quietly to pee and never return.

Make a friend in discussion.

Ah, a dying art in our competitive institution: socialization. Oftentimes, we’re so wrapped up in our academic endeavors we fail to notice others around us. Thus, we at the Clog encourage you, saucy reader, to be a bold social butterfly and attempt to make your discussion a little more lively. After all, isn’t it better to endure forced participation in pairs?

With these ideas in mind, we at the Clog urge you to go out on the town and make 2017 your best year yet!

Nichole Bloom is the assistant blog editor. Contact Nichole Bloom at [email protected].