Lecture halls worse than Wheeler

Michael Drummond/File

Wheeler hall is actually not half bad for a lecture space. But everything looks greener on the other side, right? We at the Clog actually miss Wheeler Hall — for all its heat, humidity and ability to induce yawns. At least it was a semi-cheerful, partially-breathable room for us to listen to our professors. Here’s a list of lecture halls that for some reason or another are worse than Wheeler.


Feel like going sky diving? Go to a lecture in Pimentel. Want to feel dizzy and experience motion sickness even while you’re stationary? Go to a lecture in Pimentel. Even worse than listening to a lecture in Pimentel is taking a three hour final in what feels like the top of a skyscraper in, you guessed it, Pimentel. 


Stanley may be one of the prettiest lecture halls on campus, but there’s no Wi-Fi available. How in the world are you supposed to surf on your phone? Might as well stop going to lecture now.


Dwinelle is even worse than Wheeler on hot days. It also feels like everything is constantly on the verge of breaking — making you fear for your safety instead of listening to your professor.


Hertz is also deceptively beautiful like Stanley. Stunning stage, amazing sound system, plush seats … every good thing, however, has a catch. The plush seats are a little too comfortable. We at the Clog guarantee that you’ll fall asleep at least five times during the semester. Though, a few extra z’s can never hurt.

All we can say is that we (kind of) miss Wheeler. For the most part, the room temperature is bearable, Wi-Fi is a constant and Wheeler’s seats are just the right amount of uncomfortable to prevent us from falling into a slumber. We can only hope that its remodeling finishes before we graduate.

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