Ode to winter break

Gillian Perry/File

Oh winter break,

You were a joy for me.

You let me Netflix all day and all night,

And you let me believe that life was alright.


Oh winter break,

You let me see my dear friends again

But surprised me with some old enemies too.


Oh winter break,

You let me fail at making my own food,

Until I succumbed

And missed the dining hall’s menu.


Oh winter break,

You let me sleep past nine

Even until five,

When my parents came home to dine.


Oh winter break,

You made me brain-dead

And I thank you

For that.


Oh winter break,

You let me travel far and wide,

To the post office.


Oh winter break,

You let me sit on the couch

Go nowhere

And get nothing accomplished.


Oh winter break,

I realize this ode is bad and doesn’t rhyme,

But I just want to express my love for you

In any way that I can.


Oh winter break,

How much I miss you!

I have such sweet memories.

Memories that have now been stomped on by Berkeley’s left shoe.


Oh winter break,

Until next year,

So many months between,

Until I meet you again.


Oh winter break,

Parting is only sorrow.

It is not sweet sorrow.

I am crying now.

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