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A farewell to syllabus week

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JANUARY 24, 2017

Dear my beloved syllabus week,

I can’t believe we are in our last moments together. I seriously don’t know what I’m going to do without your shortened lectures and weeknight parties. You were the best thing that has ever happened to me because you always gave me my space. You never made me choose between you and my friends, and always gave me the support I needed to be independent. I loved all of the new experiences you introduced me to and will always thank you for bringing a fresh perspective every day.

After winter break I was feeling a little bummed about leaving home, but you made it so easy for me to come back. Your welcoming and laid-back nature made me unafraid to return to school and face college again.

With regret, I have to accept that our affair is coming to an end. Not everything can come as easily as our relationship, and it just worked out so well, but I can see that it is not practical for the future. I have too many responsibilities to be fooling around with you and simply having fun. Of course, I will miss how simple things were with you, but I firmly believe that simplicity does not help you grow as a person.

Thank you, though. You seriously gave me just what I needed to return a new, driven person. Maybe I will see you in the fall.

With love,

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JANUARY 24, 2017