Dead opossum causes large pool of blood found near Etcheverry Hall

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A large pool of blood was discovered near Etcheverry Hall on Tuesday morning, according to UCPD spokesperson Sgt. Sabrina Reich.

Reich said somebody saw the pool of blood on the path near Etcheverry Hall and reported the incident to UCPD about 8:05 a.m. Tuesday. UCPD officers responded to the call and investigated the area.

“We found that there had been no paramedical response,” Reich said. “We conducted an area check to see if there were any injured people nearby and we couldn’t find anybody.”

But according to Apollo Jain, a campus senior and chief technology officer for ASUC, the blood is from an opossum that was hit by a car and got its nose crushed.

“(I was) walking home from Soda and then a car hit a possum,” Jain said. “The possum crawled on the sidewalk and then we tried to call people to (help) the possum … (But the possum) passed away.”

Jain said he “didn’t realize it was that big of a puddle.” According to Jain, he approached UCPD about the opossum after reading the initial Daily Californian article about the incident. UCPD Sgt. Thomas Wing confirmed that UCPD received a call at about 4:30 p.m. Wednesday with that report, but said he was unaware if the body of the opossum was found.

“I’m not aware of any follow up or anything that we have done,” Wing said. “I really couldn’t tell you the validity of that phone call.”

According to Reich, UCPD has documented the incident as a “suspicious circumstance.” UCPD is keeping the incident on file in case someone comes forward and alleges to be the victim of a crime.

Reich previously said she didn’t believe that the type of blood — whether it was human or animal — is known. A sample of the blood was collected for UCPD’s records and would potentially be tested if someone came forward in relation to the incident, Reich said.

“We don’t have any other information,” Reich said. “Now we’re just waiting for someone to come forward in case an incident did occur. … There are really no leads for us to follow up on.”

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