What to do when you find out your class was cancelled

Hannah Cooper/Staff

We’ve all been there. You show up to class, notice you’re the only one there (along with one other clueless person), then pull out your syllabus. Underneath today’s date on the syllabus reads a friendly reminder that your professor has left in big bold letters: DO NOT COME TO CLASS TODAY. Oops. You feel like an idiot, you’re not sure what to do. But not to worry, because we at the Clog have been there, too. Here’s a list of things you can do to fill your time instead of sitting there and feeling like an idiot.

Take a long, self-reflective walk 

What better to do than to deeply ponder who you truly are on the inside? College is a time of finding ourselves, and now that you’ve discovered your class has been cancelled, you can take the sweet time you’ve been longing for to unveil your true self. We suggest pondering and dissecting every life choice you’ve made in order to maximize your free time. You may also want to answer these questions: Who are you? What do you want? What legacy do you wish to leave on this world?  We’re pretty certain you won’t find the answers, but at least you have the free time to try.

Call your parents

Sometimes we’re so caught up in our work and stress that we forget to take the time to ask our parents how they’re doing and fill them in on our lives. Leave your class, find a quiet spot and call good old mom and dad to tell them how much you love them. For bonus points, try FaceTiming or Skyping them. And, if you’ve already tried (and failed) our first suggestion of taking a long, self-reflective walk, you can now ask your parents to answer the questions for you. If they give you lame answers, please don’t put the blame on us. We’re not your parents.

Get out your adult coloring book and get to work

For this example, we’re assuming everyone has an adult coloring book handy, but if you don’t, please invest in one right now. It will change your life. Head over to Main Stacks and whip out your Crayola 12-pack and coloring book to embark on an imaginative adventure. We know you have homework to do, but think of it this way — you’d technically still be in class right now if it hadn’t been cancelled, so why not just spend that time coloring in Winnie the Pooh (we never said you couldn’t buy children’s coloring books). We know it’s kind of weird that we suggested going to a library, but imagine people’s faces when they see you coloring away while they’re crying over their homework.

Take a nap

As UC Berkeley students, we can never seem to get enough sleep. (If you do, please tell us your secret). Take advantage of this unexpected free time and either stay where you are or put your butt in these places and hit the hay. You’re probably already pretty tired considering that you forgot your class was cancelled today, so you should fall asleep relatively quickly. We’re assuming that not all of your classes are cancelled (please check your syllabus), so don’t forget to set an alarm to wake up in time for your next one.

Verify that you’re in the right place/not dreaming

We don’t want to scare you, but sometimes us UC Berkeley students have so much going on that we forget what class we’re supposed to be going to, where the class is located, or even what day it is. And because we care about you so much, we don’t want to see this happen to you. You might actually be sleeping in the middle of what you thought was your cancelled class and dreaming that it was, indeed, cancelled. But it wasn’t. Please don’t follow the above suggestions if this happens to you.

We hope you enjoy this unexpected free time and take this as an opportunity to treat yo’self.

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