Justifying the Uber

Mary Zheng/File

Editor’s note: This article is not an endorsement of Uber. The company was used a placeholder for all ride-sharing companies. Uber has recently come under fire for sending its drivers into John F. Kennedy International Airport while taxi drivers struck in opposition to President Donald Trump’s immigration ban. The Daily Californian has editorialized against the ban.

Living in Berkeley is not always the most convenient place to own a car. With all of the narrow one-way streets, pedestrians coming from the middle of nowhere and the significant lack of parking spots, UC Berkeley students are very lucky to have public transportation and most importantly, Uber, to rely on.

“If there are two of us and we call uberPool, it’ll be like one dollar” 

Even though it’s never actually $1, we tend to round down that credit card charge of $2.31 to $1.00 or even $0.00. With uberPool it’s really hard to justify walking to Downtown Berkeley from Unit 1.

“It’s safer to Uber than to walk alone”

This point is very valid since sometimes it’s dangerous to walk around Berkeley alone late at night. Such a decision is harder to justify though when the sun is just setting and you’re in a very populated area. Don’t get us wrong, though, pleading safety is always a great scapegoat to take Uber or Bear Transit down Bancroft Avenue, even though we all know you’re just lazy.

“It’s pretty much the same price as BART”

Ok, sometimes an Uber into the city can be pretty inexpensive when split with friends, but typically, it doesn’t beat the prices of BART. Plus, with traffic, it could take a lot longer. It’s pretty convenient if you don’t live close to a BART station, though (once again, you’re too lazy to walk).

“I don’t feel like paying for parking”

This excuse is valid if you own a car in Berkeley. Parking is very sparse, extremely hard to come by and can get expensive. Sometimes it honestly is just worth it to Uber if there’s no surge (but honestly, now you’re just lazy and cheap).

There are so many reasons to use Uber, because as you know, it’s pretty amazing. Still, on our college-student budget, nothing can beat the prices of public transportation (or walking — get your steps in!).