Why is Remy’s a ghost town?

Does anyone else really miss Remy’s Bar & Grill? It seriously used to be the most poppin’ place to come to on a Tuesday night, but it seems that nowadays it’s a ghost town. There are several conspiracy theories that we at the Clog think may have contributed to Remy’s sudden demise.

Taco Bell Cantina

This is a story of the evil corporation taking over and gobbling up the small family-owned businesses. We think that the city of Berkeley, feeling underwhelmed with Remy’s lack of cocktail choices, may have strategically planted the Taco Bell Cantina to add a bit of classiness to people’s drinks. Either this or Taco Bell has hired a spiritual medium to curse Remy’s for all of eternity to improve their own business. We think the latter theory is more plausible.

Remy’s is now a secret underground club

Even though it may seem that Remy’s is dead inside, perhaps this is a front for its underground speakeasy, where only people with exclusive invites can come inside. This would make a lot of sense, considering that Remy’s isn’t out of business yet and something has to be bringing in an income (more conspiracy theories to come!). If this is the case, we’d love an invite.

They’ve decided to shift their focus toward food

Perhaps, instead of priding themselves for being a bar for college students, they’ve slowly begun to shift in the direction of perfecting their Mexican cuisine. Maybe if we decided to go their during actual mealtimes, it would be chock-full of people!

Under the table deal with Cafe Durant

Maybe Cafe D is the real villain here, wanting to monopolize the Taco Tuesday pool of customers. Regardless of whether Cafe D really threatened Remy’s for being the hip place for sweet taco deals, they’re in real trouble with the introduction of Taco Bell Cantina.

Remy’s kind of sucks

This is obviously the least probable of these five conspiracy theories, but it’s a possibility.

Either way, we miss when Remy’s used to be the “lit” spot in Berkeley on Tuesday nights. But Taco Bell Cantina is pretty good too, so at least we know we’re in good hands.

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A photo attached to a previous version of this article depicted a photo of a burrito from Celia’s Mexican Restaurant, not Remy’s.