How to avoid getting a flier on Sproul

Mary Zheng/File

Fliered (v.): the act of receiving, even if uninterested, a flier on Sproul Plaza for a business fraternity, service club, accapella group, religious club, etc. 

If you’re a wide-eyed freshman, fliers on Sproul are an exciting idea of what may be in store in your future here at UC Berkeley. Yet as soon as you hit your 2nd semester freshman year, or if you’re an upperclassmen, the last thing on earth you want is to be fliered. We at the Clog have been on the other side, passing out Daily Deal cards and repeatedly being rejected. Yet the fact is that when we are racing to class (literally), or are simply not in the mood, we need ways to avoid getting fliered. Thus, without further ado, we present to you a few unconventional ways to avoid getting sucked into taking an annoying handout:

The Innocent Smile

Don’t be rude if you don’t want a flier. Instead, flash the sweetest smile you’ve ever given someone, politely decline and wish them a good day. People fliering are less likely to chase after you post-smile. They’ll still be astounded by your unusual kindness.

The Phone Call

Don’t make eye contact – this should actually be a rule of thumb at all times on Sproul. Instead, pretend to take, or actually make, a phone call. Furrow your eyebrows to display how thoroughly engaged you are in this highly important cellular interaction.

The Dab

This is a slightly ridiculous proposition, but it turns out to be highly effective. Given what we’ve seen on Sproul, dabbing when someone extends their arm to give you a flier has proven to be successful. It instills so much confusion in the person fliering that they’ll be left speechless, giving you enough time to swiftly walk away.

The Confusion

If someone hands you a flier and asks you to join their organization, try one of two methods. Either claim you’re already a part of the club (even if you aren’t), or claim you already got a flier. This plan is risky if the club is small and everyone knows each other, but it’ll most likely work in your favor.

We wish you the best of luck as you try to avoid getting fliered on Sproul. Unfortunately, listening to music with your headphones in your ears isn’t always foolproof, but we’re 99 percent confident that our methods will be.

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