What Not to Wear: Berkeley edition

Michael Drummond/File

Berkeley is a fairly accepting place. There’s not much that a person could wear that would really spark outrage or be classified as a faux pas – we’re the unofficial home of the Birkenstock, after all. That being said, the fashionistas at the Clog have compiled a short list of what not to wear in Berkeley, so you can always look your Bear-y best.

Faux fur

Unless you want to end up covered in red paint, leave your pelts (even if they’re synthetic!) at home. There’s an abundance of vegans in Berkeley, and trust us, you don’t want to anger them. You’d hate to have Oski think you skinned one of his relatives just for a fashion statement, right?

Anything red

Red is the color of the enemy. Representing the official mascot and color of “That-School-Across-The-Bay,” any red clothing will quickly draw the eye and ire of UC Berkeley students. To stay safe on campus, make sure to leave anything not navy blue behind.

Black polka-dotted clothing

Polka dots are risky: If you aren’t careful, a thirsty student may mistake you for a large boba tea and snatch you up. Their sleep-deprived eyes won’t focus enough to distinguish you from their favorite caffinated drink, and you’ll be swept into the depths of Soda Hall.

All white

White is a classic fashion faux pas. As most of the school year lies after Labor Day and before Memorial Day, it’s also a no-no on UC Berkeley’s campus. Tall, thin individuals run the risk of looking like the Campanile. There’s no competing with the glorious tower, and if you try you’ll just be embarrassed.

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