What kind of greens are you?

Audrey McNamara/File

With Tender Greens opening up in Downtown Berkeley and Sweetgreen around the corner, the salad fiends of Berkeley are going to be torn. We’re expecting the biggest split since the Twilight fandom — we’re talking “Team Edward,” “Team Jacob” status. If you want to know which greens team to join, take the quiz below and pick a side!

  1. Are you vegetarian, or do you prefer eating meat?
    1. Give me meat!
    2. Hell no!
  2. When you order a meal, do you customize your order?
    1. No, I definitely trust the chef.
    2. Yes, can I do egg whites for my omelet, and can I substitute fruit for potatoes and bacon for sausage?
  3. What’s your side dish?
    1. Give me mashed potatoes.
    2. I don’t mess with side dishes.
  4. Ice: crushed or cubed?
    1. Cubed
    2. Crushed
  5. Sandwich or salad?
    1. Def sandwiches
    2. Salads rule my world
  6. Eating with a group or eating alone?
    1. Bring in the troops!
    2. Just squeezing in a meal between classes
  7. Are you going to order in?
    1. Nah, I’m just gonna go into the store.
    2. Of course, I never wanna leave my house ever again.
    1. You got Tender Greens! Stay tuned for their grand opening in Downtown Berkeley on Shattuck! If you really can’t wait until they open, though, go check them out in Walnut Creek. They have delicious grilled meats, yummy mashed potatoes and all kinds of sandwiches to choose from! Oh, and they have salads, too.
    2. You got Sweetgreen! Sweetgreen specializes in salads and warm quinoa bowls! They have several meat options in their salad bar, but they also have a lot of vegetarian options! If you’re picky with your meals, Sweetgreen lets you customize your salads and bowls to your exact taste!

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