How to repurpose protest signs

Isabelle Doerschlag/Staff

A truly burning question! UC Berkeley students are very environmentally conscious (and also, of course, politically conscious), and it’s important to recognize the many trees that have sacrificed their lives so we could support what we believe in. The planet is slowly warming, people, and it needs your help. So, if you attended one of the many (as of the recent events of January 20) protests these past few weeks, there are ways to repurpose your protest signs! You can protest for what you believe in while saving trees and you can show the world how true UC Berkeley stereotypes are. What a win-win situation!

Glue your sign onto a t-shirt

As citizens of this great country, it’s important that you exercise your right to free speech. So what better way to do this than to wear one’s political opinions day in, day out? But it’s important that you don’t spend too much money (college stereotype #345664354352: the broke college student) on having a t-shirt printed with your sign. Honestly, just hot glue it to a nice, clean, white shirt. Your professors will be incredibly impressed by your craftsmanship.


Proudly display it in your dorm window

This would just be really cool. Stick it up on your dorm window (double-sided tape or blue tape for those of you who have no clue how to do that) and let your peers know your popinions (political opinions). Every day you can check to see if someone else put out their own protest sign, and you can throw out your tin-can telephone and give them a quick call. What a nice way to make friends!


Use it as a desk divider between you and that roommate you don’t like

I mean, it is college. We all have had to live with someone we don’t necessarily love, and if you’re in that situation right now, just stick your protest sign right in the middle of your shared desk. It will be a nice barrier between you two, and will make the situation even more hostile than it already is. But at least you won’t have to look at them all the time (we get it, living with people is the ultimate struggle).


Fill in your broken car window with it

Bringing up the #brokecollegestudent stereotype yet again, you can even fill your broken car windows with your protest sign! Picture this: You don’t have any money, you woke up that morning to find your car window smashed, and you have a protest sign just lying around. It’s truly ingenious! Just grab your sign and stick it in the window. It’ll keep out the cold and rain (why is it like this?) and will let you convey your popinions wherever you go.

Take it with you anywhere, just in case a protest springs up out of nowhere

It’s Berkeley, so you need to be prepared. A protest could happen at any second, so you need to carry that sign around like it’s attached to you for life. Once you hear chanting (and hopefully not windows breaking), you’ll get up from your chair in VLSB 2050 and sprint over to Sproul Plaza, sign in hand. Nothing will stop you from protesting, not even having to make a new sign. You’ll be ready for anything.

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