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Which closed down Berkeley business are you?

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FEBRUARY 07, 2017

Unfortunately, Berkeley has taken a big hit after the closing of local businesses these past months. Although most of the vacancies have been filled with new tenants, we decided to pay homage to the wonderful establishments we have lost in the past year or two. Take this quiz to find out which closed down Berkeley business you are.


  1. What’s your favorite meal of the day?
    1. Definitely dessert
    2. Dinner is the winner
    3. Happy hour
    4. Lunch all the way
  2. Do you like free stuff?
    1. Of course, who doesn’t!
    2. I guess?
    3. I mean if someone offers something to me for free I won’t oppose.
    4. Duh! I get everyone to swipe me in.
  3. What are your views on chips?
    1. Would rather have sweets to be honest.
    2. French fries > chips
    3. Chips and guac forever
    4. Give me the Lay’s
  4. What’s your favorite beverage?
    1. Milk is delish
    2. Soda
    3. Margaritas
    4. Gatorade
  5. What’s your favorite dance move?
    1. The bend and snap
    2. The shopping cart
    3. The shimmy
    4. The Macarena
  6. The most wonderful time of the year is:
    1. Winter
    2. Fall
    3. Summer
    4. Spring
  7. Where do you like to study?
    1. At Caffe Strada
    2. In Main Stacks
    3. I don’t really study
    4. In Wurster Hall
    1. You got Pacific Cookie Company! You’re sweet, fun and loving! Berkeley seriously misses you!
    2. You got Smart Alec’s! Even though you may be a nerd at heart, everyone loves you! You had so much to offer to Berkeley! We miss you!
    3. You got Remy’s! You’re such a fun person who is always ready for a good time. Berkeley doesn’t know what they’re going to do without you.
    4. You got Ramona’s! You’re always there for people when they need you the most, and friends love that quality in you! We miss you Ramona’s! #comeback


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FEBRUARY 07, 2017