Quiz: Should you engage in a political debate on Facebook?

Alvaro Azcarraga/Staff

Ah, yes. Facebook. Once a friendship-starter, now a friendship-ender — and today’s hotspot for heated, political debate. From the protests over Milo Yiannopoulos’ scheduled campus appearance last Wednesday to Trump’s (recently blocked) travel ban, engaging in political discussion here at UC Berkeley isn’t so simple anymore.

While it can be incredibly tempting to hop online and add your two cents on today’s political landscape, it might be worth it to step back and take a look at what you’re getting yourself into first. Are you really ready to make enemies on all fronts with both politically savvy UC Berkeley students and high school acquaintances that you risk running into when you go home? Are you ready to tirelessly defend your opinions and back it up using evidence you just pulled out of your butt? And, on top of that, are you prepared to go home and have a meltdown in your bed after your Facebook post has been ripped to shreds by some jerk face you’ve never met?

To answer these questions, we at the Clog have created our own quiz to help you decide if you should engage in political debate on Facebook.

  1. How many times a day do you go on Facebook?
    1. 8,000. I’d go on it more if I had the time.
    2. 11-20
    3. 5-10
    4. None. Who needs technology, am I right?
  2. How many friends do you have on Facebook?
    1. 1,000
    2. 10,000+
    3. 500
    4. 10
  3. Which political party do you associate yourself with?
    1. Donkey
    2. Elephant
    3. Like James Madison, I don’t believe in factions.
    4. The one with the best alcohol. #ItsLit
  4. Do you have a burning sensation inside your soul that won’t go away unless you write a Facebook post about your political opinions?
    1. YES. And oh, how it BURNS.
    2. I like talking about politics, but I don’t feel as though my body is going to catch on fire if I don’t talk about it on Facebook.
    3. Why and how would this ever happen to anyone?
    4. I’ve never had a burning sensation about anything in my life.
  5. What’s your opinion on political correctness?
    1. This is UC Berkeley we’re talking about, y’all. You bet I’m all about being politically correct.
    2. I don’t mind it.
    3. I’d rather gouge my eyes out than deal with that sort of elitism.
    4. I don’t even know what it means, to be honest.
  6. Are you willing to lose Facebook friends in order to gain the satisfaction of knowing you’re right?
    1. HELL YEAH. Winning arguments is my oxygen.
    2. Eh. Why not? Being right is fun.
    3. Hmm. Probably not. I need to keep my Facebook friend quota above 1,500. Image is everything at this school.
    4. I don’t have many Facebook friends. I can’t afford to lose them!
  7. On a scale of 1-10, how sensitive are you?
    1. -2. I have buns of steel. Bring it on.
    2. 4. I can probably take the heat.
    3. 7. I’ll try to push the nasty comments aside, but it’ll probably end in tears anyway.
    4. 11. Honestly, I can’t handle anything.
    1. Is this even a question? Your brain is on fire from all the thoughts spinning around in your head, and your fingers basically have minds of their own. In fact, they’re already typing up your feisty, politically energized Facebook post as you read this. You’re a know-it-all who lives off of being right, and you don’t care if you make some enemies or lose some friends in the process. Don’t forget to put some ice on your hand (and your brain) when you’re done writing that burn. 
    2. Why not? You have so many Facebook friends that you have nothing to lose. You can afford to mess around with a few people for a bit. Write a ridiculous post, grab some popcorn and watch the comments roll in. You can have some fun with this.
    3. We wouldn’t recommend it. You’re a sensitive soul who’s not quite ready to get involved in what could potentially be a lengthy, lifelong, emotionally crushing argument with a UC Berkeley student whose name might as well be “Politically Correct.” You’re not about that life, and we don’t blame you for it. Go watch some Netflix or something.
    4. You definitely shouldn’t engage in political debate on Facebook. It would probably only end in disaster. You don’t follow politics and aren’t even sure why you even took this quiz. That’s okay. Welcome to the Clog. 

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