Things that have lasted longer than Trump’s approval rating

Michael Drummond/File

When Barack Obama took office, it took him 936 days to reach majority disapproval in the Gallup presidential approval polls. For Bill Clinton, it took 573 days. For George W. Bush, it took 1,205 days. President Trump, however? Eight days.

After spewing out several highly controversial executive orders, including the approval of the Keystone Pipeline and “easing the burdens” of the Affordable Care Act, more than 51 percent of the country reported disapproval of the recently elected president. After only eight days. People have avoided homework for a longer time period than that. Even UCPD has managed to not bombard the student body with an email about a burglary in eight days.

So we at the Clog decided to make a list of the things at Berkeley that have lasted longer than Trump’s approval rating.

Waiting for the bus during a rainy week

During rainy weeks in Berkeley, one would think it was the collapse of the free world. People whip out umbrellas at the slightest mist and cram onto the buses as if the rain is acid. Waiting for a bus that isn’t completely packed with students during a rainy week will assuredly take you longer than eight days.

Getting to the middle of the row during lecture

It truly is wonderful when people decide to sit on the edge of rows, despite being the first people in the lecture hall. This leaves everyone filing in after these people mumbling “sorries” as they shove themselves between the tiny space between the chair and the desk in an attempt to get to the middle of the row. In the time it takes to step over people’s legs, shift your body in unnatural positions and get your tiny desk up and working, Trump’s disapproval rating will rise evermore.

Waiting in line at Brown’s at noon

If you ever have a strong desire to see everyone you know and their mothers, go to Brown’s somewhere between 11 a.m. and noon. The line for food and drinks will assuredly be wrapped around the corner and out the door. If you wait long enough, Trump might even be impeached by the time you get your 60 percent soy, vegan, grass-filled iced caramel macchiato.

Finding a classroom in Dwinelle Hall

The architects of Dwinelle must’ve been some type of drunk to mess up a building that badly. If you have a classroom in Dwinelle that isn’t on the first floor, good luck finding it in less than eight days. If you get lost, call BearWalk.

Waiting for BearWalk

By the time BearWalk picks up your phone call and comes to walk you home, eons have passed and, surprise, you’re dead and decomposed.

Getting your book from the Amazon Student Store

RIP to the best glass that ever was. Now picking something up from the Amazon Student Store on campus could take much longer than eight days due to the very gentle-natured anarchists. If only Dirks’ fence had been placed in front of the store.

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