Individual injured with serious burns at Metropolitan apartments

Dapree Doyle/File

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An individual is being treated after he was inflicted with fire burns at the Metropolitan apartment complex Saturday, according to the Berkeley Police Department.

About 5:00 a.m. Saturday, officials responded to reports that an individual had been burned at 2301 Durant Ave. Upon arriving at the scene, officials concluded the fire had started on the upper floor and discovered a male individual with serious burns while searching the area.

Umar Akram, a campus senior who lives on the third floor at the Metropolitan, called 911 about 4:45 a.m. after two female residents alerted him that there was an individual on the fifth floor whose “shirt was smoldering.” According to Akram, the victim was not a resident of the building.

After he was treated on the scene by fire department paramedics, the victim was transported to the hospital while in serious condition.

Officials are “working to build a timeline of events leading up to the fire,” according to BPD Lt. Andrew Rateaver.

No other injuries were reported.

Check back for updates.

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