February 14th festivities

Rachel Feder/File

It’s Valentine’s Day again (or just another terrible Tuesday), and you’re pressed for things to do. The thought of going to an elegant restaurant makes your wallet ache, and the notion of watching “The Notebook” one more time brings on heavy nausea. Don’t fret though, because we at the Clog understand the anxieties of planning romantic gestures and have you covered this Valentine’s Day.

Romantic at heart

Inside even the most bitter of people, there is always a small ounce of romance hidden away underneath piles of sarcasm. If you’re looking to air out a cynical heart and let the breezes of love whisper in, check out the Castro Theatre in San Francisco. Here, you can trade the harsh realities of the world for timeless Hollywood storylines. For a truly classy experience, don’t forget to pack your overpriced box of chocolates and some box wine.

Sing in rebellion

If you would rather rock out and revolt against the systematic consumerism of this Hallmark holiday, oh, do we have the place for you! Grab your gold speedos and fishnet stockings to join in with the UC Theatre’s production of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Not only will your soul be transcended into the world of cult musicals, but you’ll also be able to harmonize with hundreds of other RHPS fans while singing, “Sweet Transvestite.” Be sure to time warp your way down to the theatre to buy your tickets.

Fighting with feathers 

Although it’s only February, UC Berkeley already has many of us tearing our hair out and looking up, “highest paying jobs that don’t require a degree” on Google. We at the Clog believe that, rather than bottling up such toxic stress, it’s important to release this tension by beating people up until they fall to the ground gasping for air. While this may sound like a twisted horror film, we’re actually referring to San Francisco’s unofficial pillow fight at Justin Herman Plaza. Be sure to recruit your bravest pillows and most rambunctious friends. Plus, if you want to make things interesting, the first friend to fall to the floor laughing during the feathered frenzy pays for dinner!

Show local love

One of the best things about living in the Bay Area is the sense of community you get from your neighbors. Because of this, we at the Clog couldn’t think of any better way to spend Valentine’s Day than with local Bay Area artisans. The Be Yours: Art & Food Fair in Oakland allows single souls and lovers alike to explore handmade goods, listen to some dang good DJs and dine on the finest foods around. Plus, if you RSVP to the event (linked above), you get a goody bag (woohoo, free stuff!).

So, whether you find yourself bashing your best friend with pillows or crying at the end of “Casablanca,” we at the Clog hope you have a loving Valentine’s Day.

Kirsty Fowler is the assistant blog editor. Contact Kirsty Fowler at [email protected].