Berkeley Police Department arrests suspect in connection with fraternity house robbery

Dapree Doyle/File

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Berkeley Police Department arrested a suspect Saturday on suspicion of a robbery that occurred in September, according to a Nixle alert released Tuesday.

According to the alert, BPD received a call from a community member about 2:45 a.m. Sept. 4, 2016. The community member reported that he and his friends were robbed inside their fraternity house on the 2300 block of Piedmont Avenue. Officers responded to the scene and interviewed the three victims.

“They reported that they had just cleared out a party and were hanging out in the common room playing a drinking game when the two suspects entered, one of them brandishing a handgun, and the other demanding their property,” the alert said.

The two suspects then fled the scene through a back door in an unknown direction, according to the alert. The suspects allegedly took the victims’ property from the scene. One of the victims also reported that the two suspects had attended the fraternity party earlier that evening.

According to BPD spokesperson Sgt. Andrew Frankel, both suspects were described as male.

As officers conducted the investigation, a suspect was identified and a warrant for his arrest was placed in the system, the alert said. Frankel said he did not know when the warrant was issued.

The suspect, identified as Kameron Robinson-Tom, 18, is an Oakland resident. Robinson-Tom was arrested Saturday in Oakland by Oakland Police Department for BPD’s warrant. According to the alert, he “gave a full confession and admitted to a number of other robberies.”

Robinson-Tom is being held at Berkeley Jail and is facing charges of being armed with a firearm and and first degree robbery, according to online records from the Alameda County Courthouse. Online records also show that he was arrested about 8:20 a.m. Saturday and was booked about 10:56 p.m. that same day.

The alert said robbery detectives are also developing further information on the identity of the second suspect, although he is still at large.

“We’re working on a number of leads regarding the second suspect’s identity, but we don’t have information specifically that we’re ready to release,” Frankel said. “At this point there isn’t a warrant out for their arrest.”

In the alert, BPD thanked OPD for its assistance in helping BPD with the arrest.

“We’re grateful for the assistance provided to us by the Oakland Police Department for helping us close this case,” Frankel said.

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