Places to eat on campus when it’s raining

Tony Zhou/File

Let’s face it. It’s been raining a lot lately. And lots of rain means it’s getting increasingly difficult to get places without getting our shoes soaked or our backpacks drenched. Or, even if we do manage to get by without getting soaked, it all comes at the cost of spending way too much time avoiding puddles, readjusting your umbrella and using some serious ninja skills to avoid getting splashed by some rather inconsiderate people. Rain or shine, one thing remains constant — we need food. To aid in this struggle, we at the Clog have compiled a list of places to eat on campus on the damper days.

If you’re on the north side of campus, consider going to Qualcomm Cyber Cafe in Sutardja Dai. This little cafe offers a variety of salads, sandwiches and made to order wraps. Since there’s a Peet’s Coffee & Tea located inside, you can also get your midday coffee fix here. Now, if you don’t know where Sutardja Dai Hall is, or have never even heard of it, consider yourself lucky. And for the ones who trudge back and forth to this faraway land on a daily basis — our condolences. But at least you won’t be hungry, right?

If you’re near the Valley Life Sciences Building or the Mulford/Li Ka Shing area, pop into Brown’s. There you can find the glory of decently made, organic and maybe even healthy food (gross, we know). You’ll be able to choose from a variety of salads, sandwiches and wraps and successfully satiate your hunger on a rainy day.

If you just so happen to be walking by the Recreational Sports Facility for whatever strange, unknown reason (because come on, who has the time to go to the gym anymore?) consider venturing into the Pro Shop in the RSF. The Pro Shop offers everything from energy bars on-the-go to fruit cups to sushi, so don’t be afraid to step into this foreign territory. Food is food, right?

If you’ve got class anywhere near Dwindle Hall or Sproul Hall, just go to the Golden Bear Cafe. At $8 to $9 for a box of lettuce, it truly is a blissful bargain. And if you’re short on cash or meal points, you could always opt for a tasty energy bar or a healthy cheese quesadilla.

We hope that these suggestions will help you alleviate your hunger the next time you’re stuck on campus on a rainy day.

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